identical twins

Did you know that Rufus has an identical twin in japan named Long Long?? Long Long is Paulas dog and its so cool how much the two look alike!

Young: jeg er altid splittet når det kommer til kaffe for jeg kan virkelig virkelig også lide varm kaffe... men på en dag som i dag! I S K A F F E -tak!
Emma: I steal straws at macdonalds :) they are perfect for icecoffee and smoothies
Kristina: So are we! he/she is very active but its good to know that everything is growing as it should!
Hayley: the blender is a bosch mixxo quattro. and it does not complain at ice or frozen berries or anything!
Epe: We lived in reykjavik for almost a year and have not been back since we left!
Gamze: I hope you went and got one!!
Hello Sandwich: Its amazing to feel the baby -its very active which is nice and .. a little weird.. But mostly just very very wonderful!
Lisen: Exactly! i knew you would understand :) we were crazy dog-people in berlin -i didn't photograph any dogs because i was too busy talking to them!
Asphalt and air: Its a bosch called mixxo quattro! it comes in different variations and mine is black :)
Anne: Thank you -its always so nice to go to these check-ups and get a little update on the mysterious baby in my belly!


par3rg0n said...

both so nice

B said...

søde de to små, men Rufus er nu en lille bitte smule sødere...:)Rigtig dejlig weekend til jer...har overlevet første uge,hvor kan 11 børn være både kære og små djævle:) så nyder en aften på langs med en lækker pose bland selv slik:)

Anonymous said...

wow, that's crazy!
What cute dogs you both have : )

lisen said...

hihi! Cool! Did you know Stina had a real sister in - Denmark!! Nice Nettie. :)

e said...

they are extremely looking alike! so fun ... oh, i think at kola-vanilla ice cream when i see their colours. :)