orange and green

the Bernhard Wilhelm tiger-tights i bought in berlin were a perfect colour match for the mandarin lemonade i drank this weekend and the grass in Kongens Have was a perfect place to lie down.

Mutti: tak :) det vil jeg gerne læse en dag!
Katrine Ny: hi hi, tak tak tak! håber i har haft det helt fantastisk!
Emma: almost a little poem you made there!
Lina: Its so cool that my little belly can excite other than us :)
Lisen: sounds just about perfect! I can never make my basil grow! my dad on the other hand has the greenest fingers!
Neftos: Only when i lean forward :)
milk tooth's rain: oh im so sad to hear about your dog -hope its feeling better!
Maria: i used to work every weekend -actually everyday of the week and now that i have weekends off it feels just amazing!
Anne: thank you!
Epe: hi hi yes it is quite big now! i still have a hard time imagining that it is going to get much bigger :)
Gamze: lovely little list!
asphaltandair: :) so happy that you like seeing it. For a moment it felt like a weird picture to post..


emma said...

the tights are soo cool! like yer fringe as well! :D

sofie said...

fancy pants! bernhard makes such crazy & cool clothes :)

Anne said...

WOWOW. those tights are awesome, I'm mighty jealous :)

love that lemonade too (& the label) they do a nice pink grapefruit version too...

epe said...

the second picture is absolutely perfect mette!

mieke willems said...

love the colors in these pictures! very nice 2nd photo!

steph. said...

awesome tights!

Hello Sandwich said...

That looks just too too lovely and relaxing and you are making me too super jealous! hehe!
Love your tights too!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

sopchan said...

tigger! :)

lisen said...

I love that sleepy-photo!! and the tights!

ashley said...

those tights are love!