i want to make necklaces from the giant, wooden beads i bought, but i do not know what string to use. I thought of buying chains, but i would like something lighter and maybe also cheaper. hmm.. string-hunt.

o l y: thank you so much
Mins: IT was very good chocolate! -notice the cute card she made me too !
Kristina: hi hi -im brainwashing you all :)
Epe: Thank you so much!
Emma: non are left...
Lisen: i was so happy she chose the summer chocolates with berries for me :)
Gracia: i often forget about white chocolate for long stretches of time and then rediscover and l o v e it :)


mieke willems said...

oh i missed 2 posts! the blankets looks so so so great!! sure the baby will look cute under them :)
and the chocolates look delicious, as the package promises already!

no idea what kind of string you could use, but cant wait to see you wearing this necklace!

Flora said...

Your beads are very cool ; and your blankets! I'm sewing stuff for the baby too, have made a changing mattress so far, but was thinking of a blanket too :)

mins said...

I would use some kind of string as metal chain would be too heavy considering the size of the beads. I love the hugeness! That drink looks tasty... what is it?

Celine said...

what about using air craft cable? It is lots of little metal wires twisted together to make a big wire! very strong!

Cindy said...

hey mette!

i'm happy you enjoyed the chocholate! i bought a bunch of wooden-pices (it was actually the czech-version of brio-toys) and a bunch of ropes for curtains. there are so many lovely colours and they goes really good with wood-pieces too.

ps. megan whitmarsh's stuff is in malmo now and they are WONDERFUL!

take care!

Lisen said...

I've made something like that last year, I used a thin chain actually, it was great! Dont have to be expensive eithere!

ece eryeler said...

may be you can use a 1,5cm ribbon? so you can also give colour with it to your necklace.

sopchan said...

Me too, I say ribbon (so easy to tie up in a big bow and soft on the neck!)

Where did you find those beads?