strudsen rasmus

we have a new resident in our apartment. His name is Rasmus, he is an ostrich and a character from a danish childrens book (see him and other classic, danish childrens-characters here -in danish). He lives in the corner over Rufus' scull cave.

Maria: thats the thing: im being very productive right now, but somehow i doubt i will be as productive making baby clothes etc. when the baby is here: im usually very lazy when it comes to sewing! i guess its actually a mom-to-be-nesting-syndrome, since i only seem to be able to sew baby-related stuff. i will just have to get as much done as i can now!
mieke willems: yes its such a pretty, summer packaging! and a cute card for it too! Cindy knows i love triangles :)
Flora: as i said to Maria, i really think im being hit by a nesting-syndrome :) i made a changing-pad too the other day! and babyslings! so easy to sew!
Mins: yeah im thinking it would look good with a thin string to contrast the giant beads.. hmm. The drink is something between a cappuccino and a latte :)
The modern spirit: she really is!
Celine: go for it with the quilt! i really think triangles are almost easier than squares, but as you can see im not too careful when i sew: i don't really mind if the triangles do not line up perfectly.
Lena: i like that you envy my baby :)
Cindy: sounds really cool! want to see! i was gonna share the chocolate with a friend who was coming for coffee, but she cancelled so i ate them all my self :) :)


at swim-two-birds said...

lovely rasmus, he's looking huge, or is it optical illusion?

epe said...

rasmus is fantastic, i love ostrichs, they are very cute!

emma said...

lovley! nice legs. :)
HAHA! Gummi Tarzan, I LOVED Ivan Olsen as a kid. So fun !! Ans that monkey... Apan Osvald, I think I recognize him from a swedish translation, is that possible? Hm.

Would love to read some stories about Snövsen (!!) and Cykelmyggan Egon, they both look wonderful too me!

Katrine Ny said...

Det er jo ren nostalgi det link dér! Suk. Havde helt glemt Snøvsen for en stund - hvor er den egentlig sej! :)

The Modern Spirit said...

Love the Ostrich!