sunday sunday

im loving mozzarella soo much these days. i could live on tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh herbs and olive oil! (and very dark chocolate..) did you have a good weekend??

sc: some very very good bs
par3rg0n: they are pretty darn cute!
B: uuuhh bland selv slik!
yukester: i know i almost can't tell them apart!
Lisen: How cool!! i would love to know where rufus brothers and sisters live now!
Emma: mmm.. whippet-ice cream!


Anonymous said...

du ser sød og kurvet ud. Savner dig så meget. Er lige ved at læse det far skrev om din fødsel. Knus Mutti

Katrine Ny said...

Ih, STORT tillykke med bryllupsdagen, den sunde og raske baby, blenderen, Rufus' japanske tvilling og den vellykkede Berlin-tur! Jeg er lidt bagud med bloglæsning pga. vores bryllupsrejse, men det er herligt at komme hjem og læse en masse indlæg her. Det ser ud til, at I havde en rigtig fin tur til Berlin. Vi overvejer forresten også Reykjavik næste gang - har aldrig været der, men ville SÅ gerne!

emma said...

so nice, what a belly, so wonderful! :)
exciting! and the foood, yum!
my weekend was wonderful, so amazing.
cheers and good night!

lina said...

what a cute photo! whenever you post a photo of you & your belly i get all happy : ) how exciting!
that sandwich sounds & looks amazing.

lisen said...

Love the first photo! :)

We had a lovley weekend here in our new place, but I was tired after this first week in a mess. Took a swim in the sea and fixing at home, had some wine and also mozarella tomatoes and herbs (egen basilika!) MMMMmmmmm! I could eat it every day too... I like red pesto with it too.

neftos said...

ahh what a blue belly!
you can still look at your feet...

milk tooth's rain said...

Lovely weekend I spent good time outside home even if my dog doesn't feel good :(

Your picture are cool, for sure!

Maria said...

what a cute belly-hill!! :) and those mozzarella sandwiches are making me soo hungry (going to eat now->)
my weekend was filled with work, work, work at the museum. next weekend I'm off and it feels absolutely wonderful..!

Anne said...

Aww, looking good!!

Sounds like a very nice menu :)

epe said...

wow! this belly is so big!
I couldn't live without olive oil (and bread, raw ham, mozzarella and rucola!)

Anonymous said...

blue belly, pink feet, dark chocolate, orange spoon,lovely post :)

asphaltandair said...

aaaaawwwww! what a sweet blue, baby belly!
so nice to see!
it's making me smile (and wish for some delicous food too!)

Fine Little Shop said...

Oh, I like you belly photos Mette :)