back home

we are back from our mini vacation in oslo! its a 16 hour sail-trip from copenhagen to oslo mostly travelled by older danes and norwegians who like to have a "good time" on the boat in the many different themed discos... -very very bizarre and kitschy in an early 90ies kinda way. Oslo was beautiful and norwegians so friendly -made a dane feel very much at home- though we could have used more time exploring the city. Both Oslo and Copenhagen recently opened new opera houses on the harbour. Copenhagen got it wrong - Oslo got it right! -at least on the outside.

All: firefox just crashed and deleted all my 16 replies! i don't have time to re do them now, but thank you, thank you everybody for your sweet sweet comments about my sewingprojects and more! you are all the best!


Nidhi said...

wow the light! especially in that last photo...beautiful!

emma said...

Haha, I get the bizarre feeling on the boat, but isn't it exciting to explore stuff & happenings that you "never thought you would do" (?) ? And find it quite fun, after all?
It seems like a nice trip ... too bad you didn't had more time in oslo though. nice photos! Hey - was your sister satisfied with her "comission" ? (her band did play, right?... or did I got it all wrong?)

epe said...

great photos mette! i would love to visit norway one day, especialy the north of the country.

Petr Matas said...

you are good photographer