belly belly

had to post some belly-shots -even if they are crappy photo booth-ones - cos this belly is taking up so so much space these days! i tell you, it feels twice as big as it looks and a lot of the time it has a weird shape because the little Ponyboy inside likes to push his/her feet to the one side with such a power that i had a dream the other night where he/she kicked through and i had a little leg dangling out of my belly........ luckily Friday was my l a s t day at work! im on maternity leave now and feel like the freedom to nap all day long is much needed :)

A-Nah: there is something drawing about the animals stillness!
Brit: yes, i am often proud to be a scandinavian!
Patricia: we need colourful tiles like that here in copenhagen!
Lina: Yeah, not enough babies wear glasses :)
mieke willems: i have been meaning to post about them for so long - they deserve all the attention they get :)
Little Nutbrown Hare: Oh cool to know where they are from! thank you spotting it! -so you could actually buy these animals?? or maybe just go to them to get your latest bear stuffed..
Fine Little Day: Yes! creme de la creme de la Edgar is also a magical and dangerous place to visit -you want to take it all home!
Ai: you should write them an email and ask where to buy!


sopchan said...

it must be a ponyboy! :)

enjoy your maternity leave... my friend has a week to go and is eating half a fresh pineapple everyday.

love the stripeys

Hello Sandwich said...

ohhhh! so gorgeous! so so exciting! :)
Love your maternity wardrobe! So super cute! xxx
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Katrine Ny said...

Hvor er det en fin mave!! Hvornår er det nu, at Ponyboy er sat til at komme ud? (Altså på den rigtige måde og ikke ved at sparke sig ud gennem maven - sikke en scary drøm :)
Go' søndag - og go' barsel. ;)

Lisen said...

Fantastic!! Have some nice lazy great days now... Take care! So fun to see these pics! :D

Abeo said...

I haven't been back and didn't know this all along, belateddd congratulations! It must be tough, I've had my mom complaining to me how it was when she had me. Well, stay tough! Enjoy your maternity leave~


mado said...

You're gorgeous!!! Congratulations!!

lina said...

yay! ohhh, so exciting : ) & i just saw that brinja is expecting too! fun to have a pregnant blogging buddy!

ne said...


Maria said...

cute belly! I can imagine how GOOD it must feel now to just relax and taking care of yourself, and the baby;)

famapa said...

hello belly!!!
so happy you're on your maternity leave now; welcome to my world :0) so is ponyboy entertaining you with weird rolls? we were watching my belly making strange shapes last night, I couldn't stop laughing!

I think I'm growing a giant compared to you, my belly must be about a third bigger in size - eeeeek! and I'm due after you! enjoy your time off!

emma said...

it IS a ponyboy!? :)
beautiful! what a shape, mrs!

PROVINS said...

Wow!! Hvor fin du er!!