another one of my sewing projects: a soft bumper for the baby's crib. it has got triangles (of course) on one side and penguins on the other. and yes, we all ready have the crib! its the one i slept in as a baby, so my parents brought it over last time the visited. its a little weird having it around, but on the other hand i like having stuff ready :)

Lea: i think the teeny-tiny poodles and the big ones are the best :)
Brit: Poodles have such a bad rep -people think they are useless and snobby and ridiculous, but i really think it is unfair. They used to be trained as water-rescue dogs and thats why their fur was trimmed in such a funny way -you know with the poms and such: that way joints and vital organs were kept warm while removing the rest of the heavy fur :)
Maria: i really like the cut too -i think one of the important things that makes him look so cool is that the ears are trimmed too! that way it does not look so frou frou
Stefanie: that is so strange! i have seen a whole bunch of these cuts -luckily i don't think it actually hurts the dog -i just think its silly!
Lisen: aww you have to bring your camera when you meet that sweet whippet-pup! and yes! a grand danois would be so cool! they are supposed to be so friendly!
Gracia: i never knew they were so soft! its like having a little lamb for a pet!
Louise: i know! i can't help smiling everytime i see the picture!


Anonymous said...

pingvinerne er fantastiske - glæder mig til vi ses i morgen

Søhesten said...

Nøj, hvor fint! Du er altså hamrende god til det med trekanter!!
Jeg har termin om få uger og synes også det er underligt, at vi har så mange babysager stående til en, der slet ikke er kommet ud endnu, men på den anden side, kan jeg også godt, ligesom dig, li at være velforberedt.

Flora said...

Sweet! The penguins will be a good company. My mum will make the bumber, and it will go in an old crib (from the beginning of 20th century I think!) that was in my parent's house. I can't wait to have it here too, to see what it looks like.

lisa Kjellerød said...

This is so lovely! Lucky baby, clever mummy (to be!)

Anonymous said...

Awww that is soooo cute! You are very talented quilter! it must take a lot of time sewing all the little pieces of fabric together!

Hayley said...

aw, thats so adorable and a great idea!

Benedikte said...

wow... du er fantastisk inspirerende. jeg har veldig lyst til å prøve meg på litt patchwork, men helt ærlig: er det noe for en nybegynner på symaskin? en med litt dårlig tålmodighet?

Katrine Ny said...

Hvor er den fin. Pingvinstoffet er fantastisk - hvor finder man det, hvis jeg må spørge?
Og så har du forresten næsten ændret mit syn på pudler - den er ret sød den norske dér. :)

neftos said...

fantastic!! penguins are so so lovely.

Lisen said...

WAW! Whatta CRIB!! :D

mieke willems said...

WOW its amazing! love the pinguins!!

love the poodle also in the previous post, didnt know they were soft, but this one looks like a lamb indeed! next time i see one i will try to feel it! :)

Maria said...

SÅ FIN! lovely. the pattern is perfect!

Kiwitz said...

how cuuute! you should sell these!

Hello Sandwich said...

so lovely! your little baby will have such a great understanding of colour by the time it goes to art school! haha! LUCKY!
You are just so clever lovely lady!
Happy Weekend.
Love Love
Hello Sandwich