coffee ritual

So if you follow this blog you know, that i enjoy a my coffee. Actually im pretty serious about the whole thing -even more so since becoming pregnant and drinking only one cup of coffee a day -it has to be good! So i thought i would let you in on my coffee ritual. Its going to be a loooong post.. I have an espresso machine, but these days i mostly use a bialetti espresso maker. Let me take you through this step by step first i grind beans on my krups coffee-grinder. I have had this grinder for a few months and im actually really pleased with it as it grinds evenly and fine. I use espresso beans or a good Kenya AA coffee. My favourite coffee is probably Illys dark roast espresso. Using an espresso-maker is actually almost an art form, as you can end up with some burned bitter water-coffee if you don't watch out. Im in no way a barista, but these are the tips i have you need to get to know your espresso-maker, so you can use as fine a grind as possible without clogging the pot Fill the lower part of the espresso-maker with cold water up to the mark and put the coffee in the little pot loosely! No stamping! (EDIT: okay, so i have started to stamp just a little! if you do it too much, it will clog, but if you do it just right the coffee will perfect and dark) Screw the espresso-maker together and put it on the heat -i use gas. Now you need to know your espresso-maker again You need to keep the heat LOW and be patient, leaving the top open so you can watch the coffee. The coffee needs to slowly fill the pot -never ever making that evil hissy sound! just slowly pouring in the top part And then you have to know when to stop. You can't get greedy - the less coffee you make the better it will taste! Its much better to have a small, strong espresso (I know this is more a moca, not an espresso) than a weak, bitter but bigger cup. So you will find out just how much coffee you can make and you take it off the heat in time letting it finish Now its time for the milk! i like a strong cappuccino-like drink with lots of foam. I use the bialetti foamer and its the best in the world! you really need to look for that little man with his finger in the air! thats a sign of good coffee equipment in my mind. Pour the milk in the bialetti foamer and put it on the heat with a thermometer! You need the milk at the right temperature: if its too cold it won't foam and if its too hot it will totally change texture and be undrinkable! I heat my milk to 70 degrees celsius. you need to take it of the heat somewhere between 65-72 degrees Then you just use the double layered pump - not too long - and get the smoothest milk-foam in the world! the goal is for all the milk to be foamy -not for a stiff layer of foam on the top, so that when you pour it in your coffee it all mixes nicely If you don't get the foaming just right you can bang the milkfoamer a couple of times to the table to eliminate the biggest air-holes. And there you have. My coffee as i like it and the longest, most boring post in the history of blogs! A big thanks to my brother in law Emil for helping me get to know my espresso-maker!

Brit: you should. As i have said before; triangles are easy!
▶ Lea: Jep -Mahmoud er en håndklædekamel, hvilket gør ham en lille smule nusset fra start!
Sandra: We definitely need to fika when we stop by your city! i have been longing for all the amazing looking cappuccinos you drink for ever and ever! i will let you know!
Famapa: I mean it when i say that my belly is much bigger than it look in the picture! i don't know what happend there, but really its HUGE. Does your belly get the hiccups too? Ponyboy does several times a day and my whole belly makes these rhythmic jumps :)
Emma: We still don't know if it is a ponyboy, but you have to call the little creature something :)
Alice: you are so right! how cool! I always knew there was nothing new about my aesthetics
▶ Celine: Thank you so much. It is a huge huge huge pillow -the sofa is made from a mattress and two huge pillows -really i have never seen this big a pillow before !
Lisen: How funny!! i knew that there was a ladies and a mans side to but the opening, but i just put in the buttons - i of course should have thought of the fact that men always sits to my right :)
.girl ferment. : Thank you so much!
Tilda: Thank you! actually the camel is a pattern i got from a librarybook years and years ago, so no its now my own pattern.
Lina: Very cuddly -he used to be a handtowel!
Maria: Lovely little Mahmoud and lovely little Rufus can't play though. Its gonna be though to keep the babys things seperate from rufus'!
▶ Provins: TAK


B said...

Hej Svigerinde
Håber det går rigtig godt, du ser jo kanon ud:) Nu nærmer det sig, er ret spændt, selvom man har 10 små nuser børn hver dag, er det bare helt særligt når det er niece eller nevøen der er på vej. Varme tanker fra B

Hanna Åberg said...

wow, you're serious about your coffee!

Sarah Carlson said...

Haha, you totally have coffee-OCD! I like it:O)

anni said...

wow! you had a lot to say,but i am glad you did. I hate the watery bitter coffee you talk about too- small yummy coffee is much better :)

Maria said...

Funny, I just borrowed that same krups coffee-grinder from my dad yesterday because I got the best tasting beans, Gran Palomar fair trade (Peru) You should try it, soo good.
I also make it in my espresso maker which I've normally used for years. But I always cooked it on maximum heat!! So now I learned something;) Tomorrow in I'm going to try my morning coffee your way! Thanks mette:)

Júlía. said...

You seem to know your stuff! :)
I work as a barista and in a tea and coffe speciality shop (teogkaffi.is), and you do every little detail just right! :)
Plus we sell Bialetti, and I agree with you that they are the best ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, tak tak tak. This wasn't boring at all. It was a great read for me, and the differently-colored triangles helped reading through it. I think I need to perfect the milk foaming part. Your coffee always looks fabulous. No doubt. Thumbs up.

epe said...

i love this post and i sharing with you the coffee pasion!

lisa Kjellerød said...

This post enlightened me! Thank you!! I had THE perfect coffee this morning-Thanks to your expertise!

Fair Trade Coffee said...

Yep, sounds like there are a lot of us with coffee-OCD. I think it is a wonderful ailment.

shamblebaby said...

this is not boring, this is very sweet and helpful!
thank you!

Natalia said...

Thank you for the very helpful post!
I love coffee very much too and have dreamed of making cappuccino at home for a long time :-). Could you tell me, please, which bialetti's foamer do you use, this one http://www.bialetti.it/uk/catalogue/scheda.asp?id_cat=114
or this http://www.bialetti.it/uk/catalogue/scheda.asp?id_cat=60?
I'm going to buy it but don't know which of them to choose :).
thank you)

Natalia said...

Thank you very much for answering!
such foamers are not avaliable in my city, but I'll try to find it by all means!
and the post isn't nerdy, it's interesting and useful, especially for such a coffee-lovers as me :).
Thank you once again and have a good day!

ryanjames said...

Eee! We use the exact same coffee. A friend of mine gifted me some Illy Cafe Au Grain when I finally got a grinder of my own, and I don't think I'll ever use anything else.

Also, your house is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL and special :)