one thing in the picture from yesterday was very misleading: the coffee. I have hardly touched my beloved coffee for days now because of a sore sore throat. instead i have been drinking white tea with lemon, ginger and honey. much better for making you feel better. Im reading Erlend Loe's Doppler and liking it alot. He has a very effortless way with words -which means i will be done with the book too soon ...what to read next... im split between some old danish classics i have never read and some easy swedish crime fiction..

Lina, Epe and Kristina: thank you for the well wishes -im trying to take it easy! -thank you for the tag Epe!


Flora said...

Oh, I hope you get better soon!
When is your baby due?

Lisen said...

Ah! Doppler! I've read it once and some months ago I listened to it on a CD-book, I love it! And -there is a second book about him, did you know? "Volvo lastvagnar" (in swedish). :D

My favourite Loe is "NAIV.SUPER"!

syrah said...

i listened to loe's "ich bring mich um die ecke". now i am really excited about doppler.
3 books i like, maybe you wanna check them out ;)
1. The Orange Girl/Jostein Gaarder
2.Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close /Jonathan Safran Foer
3.The Story of Forgetting/Stefan Merrill Block

best wishes

Brit said...

Mmm white tea, one of my favorites! :) Not familiar with Danish classics... But a book I would definitely recommend is 'The Time Traveler's Wife'. A rather sweet love story! :)

Anna Caroline said...


Get well soon! The white tea sounds delicious.

Have you ever read Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov? Very interesting and strong book. I am a big fan how he shapes letters into words and words into sentences, it¨s sort of poetic.

misako mimoko said...

are you feeeling better now?
yess, it's going to be a great book for you and your baby!
nice images here as usual :)
hope you get well soon!

Celine said...

I hope you are feeling better with tea!
if you can, try hibiscus tea, it is packed with vitamen C, and it might help your throat! I like it with honey! mmmm!

jana said...

i just discovered your blog, and i'm enjoying it a lot to browse through your posts and photos. i've just started reading "the elegance of the hedgehog" by muriel barbery and it's great!

Hello Sandwich said...

Please get better soon pretty girl! And make sure to get lost of rest with your lovely book!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich