Denmark has a l o t of children's brands who make sort of bland retro children's stuff. But Denmark also has a really cool children's brand who make wonderfully imaginative children's stuff. Its called Luckyboysunday and im in love with their world and aesthetics (and not just because of our mutual fondness for triangles...)

Emma: do it -all it takes is a really hot oven!
▶ Celine: its very simple, but i have tested a lot of different variations before getting to this one. A pizza-stone for baking the pizza is a really good tip!
Leen: i do different kinds of dough and i actually don't have a solid recipe that i follow. I always use a mix of tipo 00 and durum, olive oil, salt, yeast and water. and the i let it rest in the fridge
Saga: thank you. im sticking to the couch again today :)
Lina: hi hi -most food that looks good, tastes good! for me the visual aspect of food is really half of the experience!
Epe: i'll fax it right over :)


Brit said...

How cute! Scandinavian design is the best...!

patrícia said...

pictures are so cool.
ohhh i love it ♥

in first photo, the pattern looks like these tiles in Lisbon.

lina said...

i love these!
hehe. i especially like the baby with the glasses : )

mieke willems said...

saw it on many blogs lately, but can't get enough of it. it's soooo good!!!

Fine Little Day said...

Superfin site det där! Får mig att tänka på Creme de la crem a la Edgar (favoritbutik).

Anonymous said...

they are super cute. i wonder if i could order some stuff from them for my niece and nephew.

.girl ferment. said...

fantastic children's toys, they inspire me

BonVintage said...

stole your pics ! hope is ok, traced it back here.
/anna m.k