more sewing projects finished! among other things three extra pillows for the couch, a purple/black blanket and a camel named Mahmoud. I have finally finished some things for myself as well: shirts/dresses that will be suited for breastfeeding -now there is a fun design challenge: how do i ensure easy access to my breasts at all time :) im sorry for the images you might get from reading this, but when you get pregnant you get used to thoughts of that kind. Im bad at photographing the clothes that i sew. maybe i will get D in on a photo session one day. The last photo is what rufus looks like when you call his name while photographing: he has an instant pose :)

Sopchan: that pinapple sounds like a nice habit -i have been eating alot of apples!
Hello Sandwich: apropos todays post - notice the zipper in the stripy thing im wearing -breastfeeding :)
▶ Katrine: Ja, det er et skræmmende billede med det der baby ben dinglende ud af maven, men i drømmen var jeg ikke spor chokeret :) Nu ved man jo aldrig med sådan en lille ponyboy -noglegange tænker jeg at han kommer i morgen, men det bliver nok helt i slutningen af oktober/starten af november.
Lisen: Hope you get some lazy days too after all your travelling!
Abeo: :) Thank you! it can be really straining to carry around a little kicker, but mostly its wonderful!
Mado: oh thankyou -you are so sweet.
▶ Lina: I know i just read that too! so funny to think that she is where i was six months ago! seems like years!
NE: thank you - i think?
Maria: yes, its so great that relaxing is just allowed :)


Brit said...

Those pillows are beautiful, the colors and patterns match perfectly! I wish I was better at sewing... But i just might attempt to make one! :)

lea said...

kamelen mahmoud er perfekt! så det rigtigt spottet and dens kamelpels engang har været et håndklæde? : )

sandra said...

pretty! hej rufus!
& hej mette, when you come to göteborg, we'll have fika don't you think? :)

emma said...

such a nice new pal!

alice said...

These quilts reminded me of yours :)

It is cool that back in the 1930s there was a similar style going.

Celine said...

I love your triangles!!! Adore them actually!!
I especially adore the huuuuge black/white/grey couch cover (or is that a really big pillow?) in the last photo!

lisen said...

oh hello rufus, cutie!
everything you make mette, seems so soft and comfy and nice...
I will be a lovley nice and soft home for your baby!

I heard on a radisshow about "damknäppning" the other day actually - you know? In sweden (dont know 'bout Denmark) sometimes the buttons on ladies shirts is on the right side...and thats something beacause of the breast-feeding in church back in the old the men (who sat on the right side in the church) cold'nt see the breast! Just a little funny information :)

Tilda B. Hervé said...

the camel is absolutely wonderful!! is it an own pattern?

lina said...

i love mahmound! he looks so cuddly : )

Maria said...

so many new nice things, lovely little camel Mahmoud! and lovely little Rufus too;)

kristina said...

I love Mahmoud, he looks so nice and cuddly! as does Rufus :-) Vigdis also likes to lie like that, between our legs.

Flora said...

your camel looks so cool!
It's good you are making clothes for breastfeeding, I can tell you they are needed :)