Pizza and dog from the other day. Home made pizza is one of my favourites for sure. -whats yours? Slow is actually very very good and laying on the sofa with your dog is one of the best things ever -so im really doing good, even if it does mean this blog has been more quiet than i ever thought it would be :)

Stefanie: thank you -everything with the belly is good! but im allready getting impatient. and thats a bit early..
at swim-two-birds: hoorray for slow!
Lisen: i will enjoy all my slow time even more just for you! hope you will get that break soon!
Louise: Ja, her har vi snestorm - vidste ikke at du kunne lide ├Žnder :)


emma said...

The quiet is understanable... :) -And pizza is very nice, especially homemade... I agree, but I make it ...not so often, it's a shame!

Celine said...

yummy! that pizza looks like just what I need right now! I don't even know how to make home made pizza!

Leen said...

Pizza looks dilicious!! We used to make it a lot ourselves, but the pizza dough always turned out a bit blend. How do you make looks so crispy;-)

saga said...

nice to hear you're doing so good enjoying your slowtime! and that pizza looks just A M A Z I N G!!

lina said...

yum. you always seem to make the best looking food! or at least have photos of the best food : )

epe said...

mmmmmmmm, looks delicious. i want a piece of this pizza right now!

ebony.arwen said...

that pizza looks awesome :)
my favourite food to share with my boyfriend is tacos - i love how we both have different tasks to accomplish the meal.. & it always looks so colourful at the end.

love your blog xx