the seasons are changing. I love the darkness of fall but it still surprises me that i all ready gets dark so so early -and light so so late. i mean, wasn't it just long summer nights?

Sandra: Sounds like a perfect saturday night! a soup like that is just about perfect all the time! i really love a good, hot vegetable soup with some delicious bread!
Maaret: so many talented people on flickr! and such a good way to get inspiration! thank you for your sweet words about my projects!
par3rg0n: hi hi -they are a nice couple! i always found the gorilla to be a bit.. reserved.. not as friendly and open as our other animals, but maybe a little love from the duck will get him to open up more!


Lisen said...

Brrrr! Last photo, oh I don't wanna THINK about snow yet!! hehe..

milk tooth's rain said...

I love the ikea lamp in the first picture, but the snow...

mieke willems said...

it's still ok with the light, but when it's still dark at 8 in the morning and you have to get up,...oh! that's so depressing!
but long evenings will be nice. stitting at home with a blanket and tea, a movie, drawing, reading,...! that's nice!

and hey, love the duck softie, simple but good!!!

Alice said...

tell me about it..
that's why you need a cutie to cuddle with while watching cosy movies :) (you have two !;)