things are slooooow here on the blog. Too slow! -real life is also a bit slower than usual these days, but also busy. Enough stuff to be done, but every thing happens at a slower pace. I haven't been using my camera enough - but i have great expectations for the future !

Everybody: thank for all your comments - your comments are the best thing in the world :) ( Louise: jep! hylderne er fra ikea -og tak for din søde kompliment!)


STEFANIE said...

don't worry slow's fine too :)! Hope everything is still going great with the pregnancy!

at swim-two-birds said...

i love slow, like this photo a lot!

lisen said...

i want..some slowness.
i really do.

that photo is...what I wanna have right now. For a week or two. Just laying on the couch with my dog. Slooow.

Take care! Expectations for the future sounds nice. :)