well, well, well

The past days have been mostly like the first picture; blurry, snotty, sore-throaty and with lots of tea w. honey and home made get-better-soup = carrots, beets, garlic, chilli, ginger and other good stuff that will make you hot and healthy. And i am better now. just a little snotty and cough-y still :) This post needed something a bit more happy now that im feeling better, so this is a little duck i have made recently. I do not have much experience sewing softies and find it quite difficult, especially since i mostly don't use a pattern. But this duck turned out all right i think. I will show you more soon + some the softie-inspiration i have used (tip: type in softies at flickr and you will find so much good stuff) Hope your weekend is happy around the world.

Flora: thank you! -we will be expecting the baby just around the very end of october -but who knows with babies?? im sure i will want it to come out sooner (as soon as i hit 37 weeks :)) and im also pretty sure it will stay in there longer than my due date! im thinking you are just a few weeks further along than me!?
Lisen: Ive only read Muleum by Loe and found his writing good, but the story sort of annoyed me :) i will definitely read the others in the series too!
Syrah: Thank you so much for the book-tips! I was strongly recommended Extremely loud... by a friend of mine, but i actually did not really like it -or maybe i liked it, but i didn't get caught up in it like i expected.
Brit: thank you so much for the book tip -thats a new movie too right?
Anna Caroline: no, i haven't read that! im loving all the good book tips!
Veja cecilia: Thank you! i have only read Muleum before this one and definitely liked Doppler more!
misako mimoko: I am! thank you very much. I have thought of reading aloud for the baby, but haven't done it much. i sing to it sometimes though :)
Celine: oh i will look in to that tea! im really really a coffee person, but im quite fond of white tea with fresh ginger + i like the thought of how healthy that combo is :)
Jana: Oh, thank you so much for stopping by! hope you will come back again :) and thank you so much for the book tip too! I don't know that one
Hello Sandwich: Thank you! it has actually been quite nice to take it so easy the past week and just read in bed -especially since my head has been clear most of the time -i can really feel how much my body likes a good break like that!


sandra said...

glad to hear you're feeling better! had a soup like that earlier today too, although i'm not feeling ill :) yum. hope you're enjoying your saturday night. i'm watching woody allen-movies, drinking wine and crochet. love to the duck! and rufus of course.

Maaret said...

The duck is great, it has so much personality! I like all your sewing projects you've been doing lately. I typed in softies over on flickr, you are right, one can find some good stuff. :)
All the best to you!

par3rg0n said...

the duck is so sweet, she is a very friendly and tender creature
happy you are better
ciao /c

par3rg0n said...

I like so muc her friend the gorilla
they are a nice couple ;-)

Louise Therese said...

nåååårh, verdens sødeste and! Vil du ikke sy en til mig? I og med du jo elsker at sy og sy og sy.... :-)

Ps. Har det sneet på amager, eller er det et gammelt billede??