I feel very ambivalent about this whole waiting thing -one minute im fine with the baby taking its time, enjoying the last quiet, me time and the next i feel like i might just go crazy if something does not happen soon! im restless and can't concentrate on anything. baby, baby come out!


s e c r e t

my best friend Sigrid is far far away in San Francisco -doesn't that just seem wrong?? Sigrid, we miss you! (i just love how angry we look in the first pic :))

asphaltandair: Oh, you are so right! without knowing it i was thinking of visiting the baby! thank you for all your thoughts! its very heart warming!
A.: they are very much so album-cover-like. D pointed out that they looked like an album cover and now of course i can't remember which! i will have to check with him later
Sofi: Thank you so much! hope you keep stopping by!


the universe

feel like taking a trip in space if this is what it looks like. pictures found through this very cool blog.

Niller: lige præcis
when skies are grey: thank you so much. i have gotten a l o t of good things done this summer! it feels sort of weird not to have that many projects right now, but any day i will have a huge lifetime project..
BB: Yeah, you have been missing for a while -the baby will be here any day -which means it could also be a week or more....
Basic: ha ha -i know -and every time i miss a day of blogging everybody thinks its time! i guess that is what it is like waiting for a baby!
▶ Lisen: Now it is living in our stomachs!
trui chielens: Thank you for stopping by! i really like your blog!



yesterday was D's birthday! it started with breakfast and birthday cake in bed. perfect.

▶ Nath: no, i don't know her -the photograph is taken with my old mobile-phone and is from a magazine i think
Famapa: Yes, the due date was sunday, but still no baby. i have tried a couple of the usual tricks, but it just seems to give me killer braxton hicks contractions that don't develop in to anything else, so im back to just waiting :)
E: i just thought about that the other day -how this is a kind of waiting i have never tried before - its strange!
April: Oh that looks like such a good vinyl-solution! congrats!
▶ Ai: hi hi -the visual part is very important to me -even in coffee. i have to learn to make some latte-art
Happy sally: hi hi -you have to have an extension-cord that is not made in one piece but can be taken apart at the plug so you only have to slide the peals on the cord and then screw it back together!
▶ Shamblebaby: yes! another one that does not think im crazy!



right now it is perfectly grey and rainy outside. perfect when you don't have to go anywhere but can just sit in your sofa, reading blogs and books and waiting. oh the waiting..

everyone: thank you for the sweet sweet comments about the dresser. it was such a lucky find because it was cheap and had just the right size!
Franziska: thank you for your sweet comment. i croped the 24-photos and added numbers in photoshop. i also did the header in photoshop. Im very much so self-taught so all that i do is a result of just playing around on the computer.
Veja Cecilia: yes, it is really weird that you can suddenly change like that! especially in the beginning when you don't have a big pregnant belly to remind you that it is the baby making you do strange things :)
Katie: Yes i use vinyl sheets that i cut out. it is a really cheap way of decorating. If i had the patience i would do some more complicated stickers..
Marrta: oh thank you so much for your sweet sweet comment! im so glad to hear from new readers!
Famapa: ha ha - you are so right! how funny that i have made a domo-kun without knowing it! i actually saw domo-kun for the first time yesterday by chance. i should have seen the resemblance immediately!
Sasha: Rufus gets to be in the bed and on the couch because he is a very compliant dog and gets off when we tell him to + he has to ask permission to get up into the bed or the couch -he does this by sitting down and seeking eyecontact with one of us and then he waits till we say "up". Rufus (usually) really knows his place and that makes it easy to have him around -he won't get power-mad :) We had a dog earlier - a beagle that we adopted when it was 4 - and we could not let him be on the furniture because he did not understand his place in the pecking order and would not get off when we told him. You can maybe train your dog to make it work -you should definitely try, maybe by making it a game to get on and off the bed and using treats to reward - but some dogs just don't understand who is in charge if you let them be more of an equal.
Melissa: thank you -rufus always makes it into every photo :) how exiting about the parcel !


monster dresser

i have not yet shown you the little dresser we bought for the babys clothes! as usual nothing that is brought in to this home can be left alone, so now the dresser is a little monster with sharp teeth that eats up the clothes!

Lisen: yes i really like the dark background too! it makes the flowers more like a pattern i think!
Famapa: i don't find any alternative as satisfying as rearranging... i love it! but i don't do it often enough. somehow i find too good solutions that i really don't want to change... even when i see something new i really want... hmm.. conundrum!
Avelottes: yeah, wallpaper could be really cool!
Maria: have a great weekend! with colours and rhubarb preferably!



it is somewhat unlike me to like these flower patterns as much as i do.. found here - originally from here

Everyone: yay - everybody loves rufus -and he knows it! im certain he can feel the love streaming from the blogosphere because he acts like the most popular dog in cyberspace :)



3 x rufus. that is what you get today.

Everyone: So cool how many of you wanted to do the 24-hour thing! it was actually much easier to get done than i thought -of course i am at home without big plans most days... after the baby comes you can get a 24-angels-of-the-baby-series :) hope you all take up the challenge and photograph your day!



This is a day in my life! I stole an idea from Tiger and took a picture every hour from noon yesterday till noon today! now i wasn't about to disturb my all ready fragile night-sleep more than necessary so its not quite 24 hours, but almost since i do get up several times at night :) It would be fun to compare it to how 24 hours looked before my maternity leave and how 24 hours will look when the baby is here ...

everyone: nutella rules! and as Provins rightly pointed out: im not really pregnant, i just use it as an excuse for becoming the worlds fattest man -yes, man. wish me luck!


weekend moments

you should all go have blueberry-pancakes with nutella right this moment! such a fantastic combo and a favourite these days. So is cuddling with rufus! its strange to think that his life too will completely change any day now... behind the pancakes you can see another birthday gift: a really beautiful cup with big trees and bears on it from this cool shop.

Everyone: Thank you for all the cool name suggestions!! Bee Bappaloola is a really good one, Emma! and thank you for all the sweet words about the bee as well! i think i will wait and name it after i know if its a little boy or a little girl who will be holding it...


sleepy bee

I made another little softie for the baby. Its some sort of bee and is meant to be the babys first softie since it its small and has a simple and baby-friendly form. it does not have a name yet... any suggestions?