Colman for ever

if you are even a little close to malmö today you should go visit my friend Cindy and her fantastic gallery Krets who are opening a richard colman show today! Colman might be my favourite artist and i was so looking forward to meeting him tonight! but sadly the baby is calling the shots here and is forcing us to stay home. the baby is all ready good at grabbing our attention with pains and aches -frankly it feels like somebody is piercing me with knitting needles!

▶ Thank you for all the sweet comments on the jellyfish post and so funny how many of you are doing the twin peaks thing too! We made the club because we were embarrassed that non of us had seen it before! I really like it -both the first season which is sort of classic crime-show and the second when it gets really scary and absurd and soapy! i love Cooper and i hate josie. we only have four episodes left... the pictures are from Jette and Nis' place -so its their chubby-tv -sadly our chubby-tv died recently so now we have got a skinny model too like everyone else!


nath said...

*gasp* my heart beats for triangles. i absolutely love this. love. LOVE!

p.s. sounds as though you're almost ready to rock n roll, or at least the baby is! good luck!

o l y said...

woooooo i love these drawings
too bad i'm way too far away on a little sub-tropical island

happy sunday !

Alice said...

you've been tagged !
i would be honored if you wished to participate to my new project :

april said...

unfortunately malmö is a little bit too far away from me. but colman looks really nice. i like. think at you and hope everything is fine. your baby seems to be a little dschingis khan ;-) wish you all the best*

Hello Sandwich said...

OUCH! Knitting needles pains sound so ouchy!
I hope little one settles down soon and gets ready for your beautiful colourful world!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Maria said...

Oh nice:) wish I could go!
the pain sounds awful-hang in there!