yesterday was D's birthday! it started with breakfast and birthday cake in bed. perfect.

▶ Nath: no, i don't know her -the photograph is taken with my old mobile-phone and is from a magazine i think
Famapa: Yes, the due date was sunday, but still no baby. i have tried a couple of the usual tricks, but it just seems to give me killer braxton hicks contractions that don't develop in to anything else, so im back to just waiting :)
E: i just thought about that the other day -how this is a kind of waiting i have never tried before - its strange!
April: Oh that looks like such a good vinyl-solution! congrats!
▶ Ai: hi hi -the visual part is very important to me -even in coffee. i have to learn to make some latte-art
Happy sally: hi hi -you have to have an extension-cord that is not made in one piece but can be taken apart at the plug so you only have to slide the peals on the cord and then screw it back together!
▶ Shamblebaby: yes! another one that does not think im crazy!


nilleren said...


when skies are grey said...

Hello Mette!
I've been seeing all the many great things you've made over the past few months-you are so productive and creative :) Love the new dresser too. When I saw D-day I thought maybe the baby had arrived! Glad it was a good day.

Bombay Beauty said...

I've been out of the blog-o-world for a while, but recalled that baby is on the way... good luck! BB

basic said...

every time i see a new post, i'm wondering if you've popped yet. everyone is waiting with you :)

Lisen said...

hihi, love these pics! :D The cake is like..a living being in the dark...! Three glowing eyes! :D

trui chielens said...

nice to have found your blog!