Donna Wilson

Along with Luckyboysunday, Donna Wilson has created one of my favourite worlds of amazing softies! i love her quirky soft creatures and her beautiful blankets and pillows -her things can come live with me any time! A week ago i made a softie my self and only afterwards realized that it is a total rip-off of Donna Wilsons Stick the Snail! im sorry for the robbery!

Flora: You are very much so excused! i hope all is good in your little family -your daughter is amazingly beautiful!
Marion: Hi hi -maybe it is sort of child-like to have a wall like that.. i guess i have never let go of the idea :)
Maaret: Thank you so much!
▶ Brit: It is and i wish i did it some more but sometimes im scared of changing something good to something bad.
Sopchan: Thank you ! i really should get that Rufus shot blown up! + i love the exotic birthday-wishes i have gotten!
Veja Cecilla: It keeps our guests entertained for a looong time :)
▶ Alice: I realized we had almost no pictures of Rufus for example, because they are all digital! you need to get some prints every once in a while!
Ebony: Tacos are definitely fun to eat! i haven't had that in ages! -thank you for the blog-love!


Maria said...

hihii cute snails! your new wall looks great and I'm jealous of your amazing birthday gifts:)

Anonymous said...

mmm I'm loving the sneaker print! Very awesome.

Hayley said...

these are freaking adorable<3

Megan said...

Donna Wilson is awesome! And your snails are both adorable, in unique ways!

mieke willems said...

is the middle one yours? great!! and waw, your presents, so you!!!

Sakletarn said...

oh my, vilka söta djur!!!

Emma said...

wow, i love this blog!

Flora said...

I love, love, love Donna Wilson's softies, I have the squirrel-fox pictured in the middle :)
Your snail looks great! I love handmade softies for babies and children, my mom made lots for us.

emilia said...

I have just discovered your blog and I totally love your style. Lots of good wishes to you from London !

famapa said...

all of a sudden I have the feeling that things are happening babywise with you... am I right???? oh, this wait is so exciting!

or maybe you're just having a well deserved break :0)