it is somewhat unlike me to like these flower patterns as much as i do.. found here - originally from here

Everyone: yay - everybody loves rufus -and he knows it! im certain he can feel the love streaming from the blogosphere because he acts like the most popular dog in cyberspace :)


lisen said...

Reminds me of Josef Frank/Svenskt Tenn, I like.. Always like the ones with black background the most..! The colours always "taste better" with black in some way.

famapa said...

I agree with lisen; those bright colours look so good against the black. I kinda wish I could completely re-style our house... maybe I need to get a dollhouse that I can decorate instead :)

and in answer to your walking question: yes, I do get nasty sharp cramps (round ligament pain) when I walk or stand up and I can really feel the extra pressure in that area now. man oh man I hope he comes soon!
have a great weekend!

avelottes said...

magical patterns! (I would love to have a wallpaper or a huge blanket like that)

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with best wishes, avelottes

Maria said...

lovely! I think it must be the colour AND the rhubarb, why you like it so much:)
have a great weekend!

Veja cecilia said...

When I was pregnanat I felt that alot of things changed. I didn´t like my favourite food anymore and i wanted to change everything at home.
Love the patterns, ofcourse, esspecially the lilacs!