these are some cool red jellyfish me and rufus saw at the beach. i love how fuzzy they look. Its getting really cold here. im curling up in bed with candy and candles.

Megan: thank you -i think the two snails have very different personalities :)
▶ Mieke Willems: Yep the middle one is mine. And the presents were just about perfect for me -i was so surprised that D found the shoes for me!
Sakletarn: I know -they are such a good mix of weird and cute!
Emma: Mine or Donna Wilsons? :=)
▶ Flora: I love handmade softies too -hope somebody will knit something for my baby since i can't do that myself :)
Lisen: At first i was afraid the prints would get lost on the big wall, but i really like them with all the photographs and its a wall i look at alot! And that gift you wrote about! wow thats a bad one! i would much rather have a hug :)
▶ Ai: hi hi your sweet comment made me laugh! thank you!
Epe: im wearing them every day!
Emilia: Oh thank you so much! hope you will come back again soon!
▶ Patricia: I love it when a birthday last for weeks, so thank you so much!
Kiwitz: Thank you -hope you are having a good week too!
▶ Famapa: Ha ha -sorry no baby news :) i remember when my sister was pregnant last year, i would have her send me a text-message before calling otherwise i would just think she had given birth! The baby will probably wait a couple of weeks, but really you never know! it could be today or it could be even longer.


Hanna Ã…berg said...

magic photos!

nath said...

wow, such a beautiful red. they look wonderful blooming under the sea. it's cold(er) here too. i don't mind it, when nicely snuggled on a sheepskin on the sofa. i'm going to do some collage in a minute.

a. said...

ah, those things are scary

Brit said...

Very cool jellyfish! Couldn't identify what I was looking at in the first picture...! I can believe it is getting cold there! We were having quite some cold temperatures here as well! Is cosy though :) curling up in the couch with a blanket and a book!

emma said...

you're doing the right thing!
cool jellyfishes, i have never seen these red ones...! just heard of them...and got scared.

asphaltandair said...

what a lovely discovery that you and Rufus have made.
those jellyfish are beauties.
it must be very comforting to have Rufus around...during those last days of waiting for your new little one to arrive.
i'm sending lots and lots of good energy to you, sweet Mette!
*excited for you*

par3rg0n said...

oh I love those water photos!
they look like a vintage tapistry of an underwater world
ciao /c

Anonymous said...

wow. i love your pictures!! and rufus!!!

Celine said...

the jelly fish photos look like beautiful fabric!

Maria said...

at the first look I thought it was roses under ice/frozen water haha:) wow!

sweet fine day/Jenna said...

wow! Those are incredible! They do look like roses under water.

Alice said...

woaw those gellyfish !!!