Lisen, Kurt & Kio

YaY! yesterday i showed you the superfine little october-typography by the talented Emma Adbåge and today its her evenly talented sister Lisen Adbåge's turn! I got a fantastic package from sweden with two incredibly colourful and beautiful prints from Lisens book about Kurt & Kio! You just want to get lost in these illustrations! can't wait to find the perfect place for them in the apartment! You can buy prints and original drawings by Lisen here.

Simon: Takk!
Lina: Me too. its almost too much to have them all piled up in one month. Too much birthday-cake... almost..
▶ Celine: Thank you so much. We love our home!
Emma: Yeah, then you can just have one very long birthday party! -maybe thats the way to go! Birthday-cake everyday!
Epe: Thank you! i feel really lucky that Jenny would come visit our home!
Hello Sandwich: Thank thank thank you for your sweet sweet comment! And you are right! those necklaces are fantastic!
▶ Une Crêpe Suzette: Thank you! i love your profile picture! reminds me of my old dog Fido
Sopchan: he really is very neat!
Fair Trade Coffee: Very wonderful. I sometimes feel sort of alone, because D does not like coffee at all! imagine living with that!


Kaylovesvintage said...

love the work from Lisen
we got one of her posters

Emma said...

Vilken undebar blogg du har!!

Såg att du har en kudde med korsstygn där det är bland annat en kanin och ett rådjur. Har du möjlighet och lust att lägga ut mönstret till det? Skulle gärna vilja göra en själv.


lisen said...

Mette! How happy I am to see you bought two prints!! Didnt know until now! Wow!! :D Thank you, youre so sweet!

nath said...

those prints are jaw-droppingly brilliant. love. love. love.

mieke willems said...

lucky you!

Sommersprosse said...

nice blog!!!