new wall

this week i took down all the pictures on our big kitchen picture-wall and reorganised the whole thing! i have had some photos from the past years printed and also added Lisen's fantastic prints! im not completely done yet and im stretching the job out because i really like the work, getting all the photos and cutouts to fit together while mixing them up in a fun way.

▶ Fenke: i actually don't know where he found them, but i think Eley Kishimoto made them with A.P.C. so maybe the can be found through them!
Melly: Thank you so much! im so glad you read!
Anne: Thank you! birthdays should always be stretched out to several days!
Nath: The record has not arrived yet, but i will tell you about it when it is here!
▶ Patrick: Tusind tak!
Our little love nest: Thank you so much and thank you for the post too! im so glad you like it here!
wool and misc: Thank you! buy it! i really want the belvedere helmet they have made too!
▶Katie: i think the horse is preparing for a speech maybe! i will tell you about the record when i arrives! and maybe when i can test it my self :)


Marion said...

Oh this is cool. That's what I used to do when i was young. I'm going to do it again today. I don't think I'll have one as sweet as yours but I'll try !

Brit said...

Looking good! Rearranging is always fun!

Veja cecilia said...

it lokks great. and so filled with life!

Alice said...

so cool :)
i did the same in my room since i'm 12, and re organized it all the time :)
now i am working on printing and framing a lot of my pictures :)

Hayley said...

i did that with my wall a few weeks ago, but its certainly not as organized as yours!

em said...

haha, what a work, but maybe quite meditative and fun too? i like to organize stuff like this. and the result is reat. ...and when you organize good ol' pictures with new stuff, every picture gets its new life..!?

Lisen said...

I love the little lonley Swedish flag there...hihi! First I could'nt find it in the other photos, only a dannish flag, like "Haha, did they change flag?" haha. Then I saw it..both of them. :)

I feel so honoured when I see the prints there among the other nice pics....and it's a wonderful wall!!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. You get your shit taken care of just like that. I'm always amazed by your energy for creating things esp. your triangle this and triangle that. So inspiring.

Kiwitz said...

it looks awsome! :) these same day i did some new curtains for our bedroom. have a lovely week!

ANNA said...

beautyful crowd!