o c t o b e r

im a little late but October is here! the best month of the year. October brings rain and wind and candlelight and my birthday and D's birthday and even more exiting this year: the babys due date! i have a sneaky feeling though that the baby will want its own birthdaymonth and will hold on until november... The first picture is from Emma Adbåge's blog. She made this lovely little october tribute the other day.

everyone: Thank you so so much for the sweet and amazing comments about our home! It has been such a blast seeing it through Jenny's eyes -and actually i was really really surprised to see how colourful our home is :) Thanks again Jenny!
Katrine: Det billede af D og jeg i liggestolene var noget af det allerførste Jenny så da hun kom ind :)
Lea: Hun var faktisk ret vild med opgangen! hun syntes det er ærgerligt at så mange opgange i Malmö er blever renoveret.
chrrristine: Its really cool to see your home photographed by someone so talented! it looks somehow different and still so much the same
B: Han er sådan et blikfang på den væg!
Famapa: oh you are so sweet. and yes! i find hiccups very strange-feeling! somedays ponyboy has the hiccups 3 or 4 times -also the kicks are really starting to hurt now :)
Kiwitz: It does not suck at all -i understand totally what you mean!
Lina: Yes it feels like just the right moment to get our life documented like that -just moments before its all gonna change!
Gracia: You are welcome any time :)
Anna: Hvis du kan bo under sofaen eller dele hulen med Rufus er du velkommen :)
Hanna: Speechless ha? :)


lina said...

what an exciting & fun month for you guys!! i love birthdays : )

emma said...

THANKS for the link and kind words :)
Hey, what a moth for you two...three. Haha, yes what if the baby just waits until november just . to . get. an. own. birthdaymoth! Very practical though, with a "family birthday month". :D

Hello Sandwich said...

Lordy Lordy! your house is even more CUTER and GORGEOUS than I had imagined! Though I am not at all surprised! How lovely lovely lovely! Oh and baby in only a few weeks! EEK! I can not believe it! i am sooooooo excited for you sweetheart! have a gorgeous time! everything looks so special in your home and I can tell it's going to be a wonderful time for you!
Love Love
Hello Sandwich
P.S. Mette is THE CUTEST NAME ever - have I already said that? xxx

Hello Sandwich said...

P.S. You might have seen this...but you might like the last necklace here: