the universe

feel like taking a trip in space if this is what it looks like. pictures found through this very cool blog.

Niller: lige præcis
when skies are grey: thank you so much. i have gotten a l o t of good things done this summer! it feels sort of weird not to have that many projects right now, but any day i will have a huge lifetime project..
BB: Yeah, you have been missing for a while -the baby will be here any day -which means it could also be a week or more....
Basic: ha ha -i know -and every time i miss a day of blogging everybody thinks its time! i guess that is what it is like waiting for a baby!
▶ Lisen: Now it is living in our stomachs!
trui chielens: Thank you for stopping by! i really like your blog!


asphaltandair said...

i love these images especially because you are posting them. they somehow spark my imagination to create a visual of what it might look and feel like to be in a womb.
the points of bright light keep it from being too scary..they also beckon an exit.
perhaps your little one is beginning to move towards the light?
i have been at 5 births (well make that 6 since I was definitely at mine too!) and it is an experience beyond beauty.
it is nearly otherworldly.
i'm thinking of you often, sweet mette.

a. said...

these could very well be the strokes new album cover

Ana Montiel said...

Glad you like them!
Thank you for the link, love your blog!

Greetings from Barcelona*