Hospitals are strange places with strange things. This is two details from our room. We stayed for only two days and even though it was scary taking her home, it felt really good to bring her in to our world,

Thank you for all the sweet words that keep pouring in! and so amazing to hear from so many new commentators! hope to hear from you again! -well it is equally amazing to hear from all of you "old" commentators! it means alot to us that you all send us so many thoughts and well-wishes! We have been home for a week now and it is (still) quiet and calm and feels just... right!
Flora: no, she sleeps in her own bed, but we try to keep our bed a dog-free zone. Try is the word :)
▶ Ai: crazy that you get to stay for a week! i wouldn't want to stay a whole week, but maybe 3-4 days would be just right. It was a little scary to go home, when you are still recovering for the delivery.


Emma said...

Jeg er en af de nye, som blev ovevældet af en trang til at kommentere, da der pludselig skete utroligt lidt på bloggen - det var så spændende! Og så har I fået sådan en fin lille Elinor, hun er jo ikke til at stå for. Jeg tænker nogle gange, at jeg ville ønske, at mine forældre havde været mere fotograferende - det er jo fantastisk for hende, at I tager sådan nogle fine billeder! Tænk, hvor glad hun bliver for dem senere.

Bombay Beauty said...

Many many congratulations!!! I love the fact that you could take some nice pictures even when you're in the hospital giving birth! BB

steph. said...

congratulations mette. i missed the first round of congrats as i've been in hospital myself! but all better now.

elinor is beautiful and i hope she brings you lots of joy.

x steph

julia said...

oh, i still remember the first days after giving birth... it was like a new world. HOME becomes another meaning and it is all so gentle and new and you look at your baby don´t really understand that this miracle has come true... i really UNDERSTOOD the meaning of live at that stage and it was great to concentrate on a little one wich make me feel i wasted too much time concentrating on thing that are not really important... do you know what i mean?!
i am sure you guys will have a wonderful time...
nothing better for christmas, right?

Anonymous said...

I love that she's another Scorpio!

Crazy that you left the hospital after only two days! I hope you are recovering well.