lucky lucky lucky

I feel so lucky! when you have a blog like this you "meet" so many sweet people and some of these sweet people are very very talented and very very thoughtful and send you totally cool things! how lucky is that? On top of the fantastic gift from Melissa i showed you the other day, these beautiful things have arrived in the past weeks: Sandra sent us her super cool counting poster which will teach Elinor to count to 10! Flora, who just had a beautiful beautiful little girl herself, sent us the cute little elves -or nisser as we would call them in danish. And finally a little greeting from Kurt & Kio and their family is up on the wall aswell!

▶ Nath: i can totally relate to why a sling is a cosy place to be :)
Kim: Thank you!
Ai: I love that word, kawaii :) Yes i made the sling!
Elisabelle: Oh thank you so much! i hope you will visit again!
Whateverscoolwithme: Thanks! yes i made it -i have made a whole bunch, cus somehow not all fit equally well. this is my favourite right now. I found a video-tutorial on youtube -i just searched for sling or pouch sling and how to.
▶ Steph: I really is only a matter of time! And yes, i do need to find som quality photo-time with rufus soon!
Provins: Tak skal du have! ja, man må jo sy, hvis man vil have det på sin egen måde :)
▶ Lisen: shh... so do i....
Katrine: babyhænder er noget af det bedste!
Emma: You really do! favourite clothes / comfort clothes are the best!
Schorlemädchen: She will have to learn to love coffee very early since D never drinks coffee and i miss having a coffee buddy!
▶ Coralene: I would definitely say that you have to get some practice before the sling works. I made some slings before she was born, but when she was finally here, i could see that i needed to choose a different fabric, make it smaller ect. And then we had to try a lot of different positions before she was comfortable.


lina said...

nice! isn't it great to "meet" so many amazing people through the blog world? i love the elves! & i was getting into trying to count to ten : )

Brinja said...

Wow, pretty stuff -lucky you :-)

gracia said...

Loving the abundance of snail mail treasure of late... all those lovely things posted to one another and shared on blogs. Snail mail never ceases to draw a smile to my face and it seems this November everyone is posting treasure to blog chums.

Inês said...

hello...we don't know each other, but i've been following your blog for a while now and i think it's amazing!
i think the people who have seen a see pictures on the blog can easily see that you have a thing for triangles, so i want to show you something i hope you'll like.

wish you a lovely day!


sandra said...


Lisen said...


...and that guy in the black cowboy hat...!! hihi, wow! great photo! love that wall...its like alive..!