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It would be unfair to the rest of my life to call 2009 the best year ever, but it sure is right up there! Happy, happy new year everybody and thank you for all the comments, support, participation and inspiration in 2009! and now for the longest photo collage ever - 2009 in pictures!

(you can see all the photos in larger sizes in the set "all you need to know - 2009 edition" on my flickr)

h o m e

phew! finally im back home again after more than ten days of travelling, family, friends, christmas, snow, Elinors baptism, gifts and traditions. Get ready for a photo-recap of all the splendor the next weeks! but first my celebration of 2009 will be up on the blog in a moment and then D and E and R and I will spend new years eve as we almost always do: home made pizza, good movies and no fireworks at all...



i made these disco-balls for some Christmas-present-necklaces this year and i stole the idea directly from a very cool jewellery maker i met this December. Stealing like that is not cool, but the idea was just too appealing. i promise i won't try to make money off them -instead you should all check out where Lene Rottenstang shows some of her curious, complicated and beautiful neck pieces - and if rumours are true you will be able to buy them from this site any day now.
Im sorry for the holiday silence here on the blog but i will return soon full speed.



thats all you need - merry christmas everyone!


moments before

Earlier this december: I got a pot of pink flowers from a very very drunk lady i met on the street. Elinor got pacifiers with her name on them and i bought a jar with mushrooms on it. Tomorrow it will be Christmas (at least here in denmark) and all will be well.


christmas sling

this is a close up of a new sling i made. its my Christmas sling so it will match my Christmas wardrobe :) snow is falling heavy and white and im going into, if not christmas mood, then at least christmas mode.

▶ everyone: thank you for all your comments! christmas is neering and i don't have much time for blogging so replies will have to wait a bit.


best friends

they look very cute together, don't they?



this is my favourite outfit for her these days. She has grown a lot and all ready there are some of her clothes which no longer fit. Its sad to say goodbye to the good stuff and it reminds you how quickly time passes...



having a little baby gives the perfect excuse to let everything slide. i actually love messes as much as i love our place when its totally cleaned.

NW: So cool that the whole world is watching
▶ Fenke: ha, ha! you are so right! i just can't get away from the breasts!
E: luckily people around us seem to really want to babysit the little panda! you have to be grateful for that!
Megan, K: thank you! i thought the fabric was quite fitting for me!
▶ Stride: ihh nu kommer der måske lidt jule-blog-stilhed -men jeg skal gøre mit bedste :)
When skies..: i will show you as soon as it is done!
▶ Simon: sikkert, det var heller ikke brugt da jeg købte det.
ADRI, Lisen, Steph: glad you like it all!
Lulubeth: aw thank you so much! you really have to think creatively if you want to wear something fun!
▶ B.M.: im sorry if its narrow minded of me to think of your comments as spam, but i do not think my readers will be interested in your business...


night out

D and I had our first night out without our little red panda. D's sister looked after Rufus and E while D and I went to the restaurant on the corner of our street and had a delicious dinner with coffee and dessert. It was nice to be out of the house and it was nice to miss little E. I didn't bring my camera but snapped a photo with my phone of the butter looking dirty and the coffee looking good.

Everyone: Glad you like all my new stuff. Just like the shoes the other day, i think im gonna live in that Stine Goya dress! and to all of you lacking in christmas mood i say a quiet moment in a dark living room with only candle light and snow falling outside is enough calm and spirit to make up for all of december. I highly recommend it (and i think it will work without the snow as well)


good stuff

yay some of the good stuff from malmö! I bought a vintage cardigan, blue fabric, which i think is a tablecloth but of which i will make a dress, fingerless gloves and a dress by danish designer Stine Goya for Weekday which seems to be made for breastfeeding :)