Its still not Christmas here on Amager. The only Christmas spirit i can muster up is this advent wreath my father made for us. i took down the bag of decorations from the attic weeks ago, but i haven't put up a single thing. But really pine-needles and candlelight is all you need!

▶ Sandra + Lisen: yeah, we talked about how skånsk (or malmöitisk -i do remember people telling me there is a big difference when i studied in malmö) probably sounds really funny/stupid/or maybe hill-billy-like to other swedes. I think thats why i like it -its such a funny and strange accent. I also remember from when i studied in Malmö how people from anywhere else in sweden didn't understand a word of danish. They just looked at me like i spoke Russian or something :)
B: Rufus elsker gaver! godt at nogen husker ham!
Brit: yes, its kind of cool that everything i do these days i do with her! a good way to get to know eachother
▶ Louise: i will show you soon! just need enough light to photograph it!
Karla og Ditte: ja, jeg tog billedet med fordi det var så grotesk (og samtidig ret flot). På den anden side forstår jeg godt at politiet måtte sætte ind og ikke kan finsortere. De beskyttede på mange måder bare den store demonstration.
▶ Marie: how cool! its so wonderful to hear the many people who have travelled here from all over the world
Pop life: i know what you mean. if you took part in every demonstration you agreed with you could spend your life doing nothing else. i hope you can get your voice through some other way
melissa chan: ha ha -nicely spotted! those red bricks are so common in Copenhagen. When im anywhere else i miss them very much
▶ Lina: i wish i was taller so i could have shown you how the demonstration just went on and on and on!
Megan: i know, with the climate everybody has to get on board for it to work! AND those pandas are so so so so so so so so cute! thank you for the link!
Steph.: yes, i thought about how i would tell her about it when she grows up -and how i won't mention that she slept through the whole thing :)
▶ Fine little day: yes, finally things are happening right here where i am!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mette;

I'm lacking Christmas spirit as well... the holiday somehow has become less important to me as I've got older. But you're right, candle light does help a lot, at least for the unbearable darkness! As does the smell of gingerbread. :)

... and snow, which we've finally got!

máni said...

i really love christmas but this year i also don't seem to have much energy for decorating.
and today i found out my parents are not gonna get us a christmas tree this year. the first time in 27 years i have christmas without a tree. i wonder if it's gonna be sad. ;)

the wreath you have looks really nice, just as simple as it is.

lina said...

the only christmas thing in my house is a wreath as well. but we are slowly slowly getting into the christmas mood by listening to christmas music & planning an advent calender (we are a bit late with that!).

Emma said...

I'm from Stockholm and I love skånska. Sounds really relaxed. And danish is hard! But it is also a cool language.

Maria said...

that's a very cute advent wreath and so nice that your dad made it for you! I don't want much decorations but still a little tree and then it's perfect. maybe we get it just before christmaseve.

very interesting to read and see your pics from the demonstration!

nath said...

listen to A Charlie Brown Christmas and i swear you'll feel more holiday-ish by the end of it.