i made these disco-balls for some Christmas-present-necklaces this year and i stole the idea directly from a very cool jewellery maker i met this December. Stealing like that is not cool, but the idea was just too appealing. i promise i won't try to make money off them -instead you should all check out where Lene Rottenstang shows some of her curious, complicated and beautiful neck pieces - and if rumours are true you will be able to buy them from this site any day now.
Im sorry for the holiday silence here on the blog but i will return soon full speed.


Maria said...

looks cool! I've also done my own necklaces out of wood balls, painted them etc. in my own way. I think it's so many who does this anyway so it's not stealing. only if you're not doing EXACTLY the same. that is so wrong.

hers are supernice, hope they're not too expensive cause i already know which one I would buy:))

Hayley said...

that ball is sooo cool !!

LISEN & STINA said...

Mi gosh, vilket JOBB!!! Lets celebrate a Disco-holiday! Happy New Year!!

jokemijn said...

i love her jewelry! thanks for the link!