every day

I wear the shoes i got from D for my birthday every day. i simply can't make myself put on other shoes when i go out. have to give them a break soon...
All my old Nylon and The Face magazines are going to the attic -we need more space, but don't you always..
AND yesterday i got some good news. Its related to the bad news i got this summer, but this time instead of a sad letter it was a happy letter!

▶ Sandra, chrrrristine, epe, brit: åhhrr thank you!it was just supposed to be a post about everyday things, but i see that it became more :)
Famapa: it took me two weeks to read the first page :) but then i decided one day; to day im gonna read every time she sleeps
▶ ivea: thank you! i still haven't put up any decorations....
emma: tusind tak for den søde kommentar! håber du bliver ved med at læse!
▶ jokemijn: ha ha -i want to start a protest too!
milk tooth's rain: yes, decorations can be so pretty! why ruin it!
▶ Pip Lincolne: :)
jagulor: thank you! such a sweet comment you made!
▶ Maria: NO MORE SANTAS! bring in the really cozy christmas stuff and christmas baking and christmas lights
mieke willems: Thank you!
▶ kbo: I vote for that too!
Üni: Thank you so much! I found the shoes by chance on ebay. I don't even know what season they are from.. hmm.. but eley kishimoto always makes fantastic shoes! you should look at their website!
▶ gracia: grandparents are a nice species
fine little day: and the weeks just keep flying by!
▶ Lisen: lets find something to count down to in january
Anne: Thank you! my espresso maker is from krups!
▶ Louise: jeg glæder mig usigeligt til din optræden i morgen!


e said...

c o n g r a t s! to you mette! HURREEEYYY!!!

lina said...

hurrah! yippee! oh boy! congratulations : )
i hope i get the same kind of letter soon as well (i am aplying to a graduate program).
your nylon pile looks as big as mine... :]

Maria said...

Good shoes made for walkin'! They still look great:)
I subscribed to nylon a few years ago, love it..but now I haven't read it in maybe two you know if its still a good magazine?

lisen said...

happy letters is the best!! Hurray!! Tilykke as you use to say, like it! :D I can see why you wear those shoes every day. I've seen a furniture with the same pattern, am I right? Or am I "ute och cyklar" as we say in Sweden. Very cool.

Let's count down to....x-mas ends? Oh no thats a pessimistic idea ;)

Katie said...

Congratulations on your happy letter! Those letters give everything a wonderful glow for quite a while....

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it was a happy letter to you!

Ahh, The Face magazine...I remember those with such fondness.