the other day right when i had received the happy letter, D and E and i went to Malmö and had a splendid, kind of christmassy, day shopping gifts and other good stuff and enjoying each others company and all the lovely swedes speaking skånsk, my favourite Swedish accent. i will show you some of the good stuff later.

everyone: thank you for all your congrats and hoorays! it was lovely news to share with you!
Lina: oh, i will cross my fingers that you get the right letter, and if you don't, remember that there is always something good to do!
Maria: i haven't read nylon in a long time -i think maybe im getting too old, im not their target reader anymore :)
Lisen: you can get all sorts of great stuff in this pattern -this helmet is one of my favourites!
Ai: yeah, the face used to be a real favourite when i was younger. a good magazine to be young with


sandra said...

so fun to hear about skånska! to me (who comes from the very northern parts of sweden) it sounds like danish. i only understand danska i skrift, så skånska låter för mig som danska :)

Lisen said...

oh, the helmet!! :D

sounds like you had a great day in malmö! I really o dont like Malmöitiska (some of the skånska is ok to me) Dannish are muuuuch more beautiful (my favourite language as I've said before). But I shiver when someone say "TRRRIIIJANGÖLLEN" in Malmöitiska, instead of "Triangeln" - you know? ..haha, eiwh ;) Hope Elinor liked it tough!

B said...

Hvor lyder det hyggeligt:) Glæder mig til vi skal hygge i julen, og rigtig jule. Har købt julegave til Rufus i dag..uhhh det bliver spændende om han kan lige den, men tror den er sikker:)Ses snart søde jer.B

Brit said...

How fun to do those things as a family now! :) Elinor's first Christmas!

louise said...

As always I can't wait to see the good stuff....