having a little baby gives the perfect excuse to let everything slide. i actually love messes as much as i love our place when its totally cleaned.

NW: So cool that the whole world is watching
▶ Fenke: ha, ha! you are so right! i just can't get away from the breasts!
E: luckily people around us seem to really want to babysit the little panda! you have to be grateful for that!
Megan, K: thank you! i thought the fabric was quite fitting for me!
▶ Stride: ihh nu kommer der måske lidt jule-blog-stilhed -men jeg skal gøre mit bedste :)
When skies..: i will show you as soon as it is done!
▶ Simon: sikkert, det var heller ikke brugt da jeg købte det.
ADRI, Lisen, Steph: glad you like it all!
Lulubeth: aw thank you so much! you really have to think creatively if you want to wear something fun!
▶ B.M.: im sorry if its narrow minded of me to think of your comments as spam, but i do not think my readers will be interested in your business...


the cat whisperer said...

I don't like regular messes, but new baby messes are comfortable, I think.

This made me think of you, have you seen it?--

Leen said...

Messyness can be so good :-) + the 'baby-excuse' is a good one for lots of stuff...coming late, having stains on your clothes, getting alot of take away food,... ;-))
But I must admit, that when my house is clean, I always feel just that bit more happy and relaxed. How silly is that!

e said...

ofcourse they want to babysit! :D i know i would... :)
have a nice weekend now.

LISEN & STINA said...

Love that too...both mess and clean..but something in between can be horrible..weird!?