when you are a little kid like E, you have to train your back muscles by lying on your stomach every day. This is clearly not Elinor's favourite disciplines... oh, that little sad mouth... Copenhagen has been hit by a ton of snow. I woke up early this morning and just stayed in bed watching the snow out the window. Snow has such a beautiful way of falling compared to rain. I can't make up my mind whether im sick of snow or liking it -and i guess it does not really matter what i think anyway.

Flo's diner: ha ha, sejt!! chipsne af kartoffel blev helt klart bedst. Tror man skal lave dem hver for sig.
Lisen: i know! it takes up half our living room, but i don't mind. We do take it down some times though :) (ja, jeg læser allerede højt fra dine bøger for lille E)
▶ Spin: hmm im not sure i think its worth the work.. they were delicious though
Melissa: YEs it was such a pretty sight -with the beet root colouring everything pink! I sometimes look at pictures from elinor was just born and i am amazed at what three months can do!
Jenny: Oh you must have so much snow in ystad! Bornholm is totally closed down - they can't even clear the roads because of the wind and snow!
▶ Sweet fine day: i really should go out with my camera in the snow we have got now, but its so cozy staying in..



i tried making home made chips from beet roots, parsnip and potatoes. Conclusion? a bit too much work for too few chips -but it looked pretty! Elinor got this swing for christmas from my parents. The cool thing is, that she can use it all ready! I made a new cover for it though, it was originally a bit too red for our living room


yes, but no

i have finally gotten my computer back - but now my photoshop isn't working! arrggghhhh... i don't want to spend time on technicalities!

everyone: thanks for all your great comments for the last two posts! Horray for The XX and Hanna and her dogs! btw: Hanna sold the dog-print through her blog, but im not sure if there is any left!?


dogs from göteborg

16 dogs have moved into our apartment! they are colorful, from sweden and don't have to be taken for a walk like some dogs... (yes Rufus, im talking about you! do you realize it is freeeezing out??). They were a gift from sweet Hanna of Kiddet! How sweet is that? I love greeting them every time i go to the fridge!



im listening to the xx and have been for the last six months. D and i went to their concert here in copenhagen and it was the longest we've been away from E, who was brilliantly looked after by my two good friends. Im actually really not a concert person and many times i would enjoy putting the record on at home just as much, but there have been a few good ones that i keep remembering -like when we saw this band in Berlin or a concert with this guy two years ago and xx will be one to remember as well.

▶ Brit: yes i think so!
Alice: :) you are so very welcome and im am so happy to cheer you up! good timing!
▶ Kiwitz: No i don't know exactly but somewhere in england!
Adri: I would like to have her camera for eyes!
▶ Luna: I have been dreaming of a houseboat as well, but then i realised i don't know anything about boat-upkeep!
Lina: I think so -and yes! the cats are so funny i laugh every time i see them!
▶ Jokemjin: I think the whole setting with the boats and the trees and the snow is so beautiful its surreal!
Maria: Oh how cool, i would love to see the painting, do you know who it is by?
▶ Lisen: Jeg bliver også glad hver gang jeg ser din poster :)
Wera: So good to hear from you! thank you for the sweet comment!
▶ Kelly: oh thank you so much! and yes, Bang bang is and amazing label! there is too much good kids cloths out there! i really try to restrain myself!
Sopchan: No the mobile was a gift from some good friends. its by a danish company, but i really really can't recall the name right now..


weekend wrap up

I have a lot of photos that never make it on to the blog. Here is a wrap up of some of them! happy sunday everyone!


quaint living

Even though im actually quite sick of winter, snow and freezing cold i keep eating up Alice's amazing winter photography! She captures light and details perfectly and you just want to live in her pictures! -and when it gets too cold outside, i go inside and laugh at her cats :)

▶ Nath: Im really happy with the combination of the three as well -so different yet they really compliments each other!
Hanna: I love Marilyn's sadness in the painting! -and E and i were laughing at your dogs this morning!
Valentina: Thank you so much! I hope E gets to keep her red hair for a long time!
▶ Mille: Tak! De cupcakes på din tumblr er fantastiske!
Emma: Its a good thing E will be living with us for a long time so we get to keep the collage :)
Jana: Yes, i think those shapes are perfect for a little girl! she will love it! i did not know paul and ann rand, but from what google shows me, it looks great!
▶ Lisen: :)
Helmer: I will do it! i just need a bit more light so i can take some good pictures of the art! the days are so dark! i will tell my father that you like his marilyn!
Megan: And we are lucky to know little E



Elinor got so much great stuff for christmas and her baptism. One of my very very favourites was the collage done by one of my friends Merete Slyngborg (in the bottom right corner). She is a serious artist and mostly does crazy, conceptual stuff that is hard to hang on the wall so i feel extra lucky that she did this fantastic collage for little E.

Helmer: Funny you should ask just now. maybe i should do a little "art" tour of the apartment! Our walls are almost full now! in this picture you also find a Marilyn Monroe painting by my dad and a drawing by Kieth Shore -both were birthday gifts for D.
▶ Deleilan: oh, i wish i could send you all a present!
Mani: He really is -well sort of. He had a hard time sitting still with a treat dangling over his head
Louise: Jeg elsker når musikere er generte
▶ Ida Nilsen: Sløjfer er perfekte til garnrester -eller lav en kæde hvor hvert led er forskellige farver
Veja Cecilia: You cannot do anything to love something as delicious
Mieke Willems: the package is (almost) on its way!
▶ Lina: yes -bows are quite easy and quick to do!
Lisen&Stina: there was way to little space when i took those photos of rufus so he almost jumped on top of me!
Luna: I hope they don't take it the wrong way! i lurk many places online!
▶ Melly: I will give him one for you!



Finally! no more stalling! the winner and the prize for the ungt-blod-second-birthday-give-away! And the winner is.....

hmm... two winners in one ...good thing there are two prizes!! an ungt blod mini bunting + a knitted bow-tie necklace! here presented by Rufus:

I want to thank allllll of you -both the 116 people who commented and all the rest of you lurkers for making my blog such a thrill to write!

▶ Jana: When we were kids my sister had a one-armed rabbit, so i find bob quiet perfect. The rabbit only had one arm cus my mom ran out of yarn!
Louise: hvor er det sjovt, at i så os! synes i ikke også xx var ret søde?
▶ Tiger, Pop Life and Lina: He was a gift from my good friend when E was born!
Lisen: They are a nice couple!
▶ Adeline: I love their blanket too! so much good stuff!
Mieke Willems: im forcing her to love them :)
▶ Riotyarn: i know. its hard to get over
Suki: they are not hard at all -just cut alot of triangles! and yes! santa has excellent taste! here it was a good friend and my sister-in-law who were the sweet santas!
▶ Emily Salomon: Hvor hyggeligt at høre fra dig! Jeg elsker amager meget højt -og nogle gange kan man godt føle sig lidt som den eneste :)



I wrote about the amazing brand LuckyBoySunday earlier and lucky Elinor, she has all ready got two of their cool softies: One Armed Bob and Monsieur Frost. I just love them and really hope she does too! (and when i wrote about them last time, i did not know yet that we would have a mutual fondness for redheads too)

NOTE: i am moving the give-away-final from noon till 18.00 CET tomorrow! otherwise the prize won't be done!

▶ Idabidabum: Nej, hvor sjovt! i skulle næsten have sagt hej! det ville have været hyggeligt. vildt at blive genkendt!
Deleilan: It both the light and the juice was pretty damn good
Emma: Hi hi -yes
▶ Jagulor: aww thank you so much
Ella: mmmm.. jeg elsker rødbeder! vil lave rødbedechips i morgen
▶ Maria: :) you are welcome!
Mimmi: hihi -herregud hvor en sød kommentar! tak!
Mette: Tak!
▶ Hiskia: the cutest



beetroot-juice and sunshine on the cemetery. Today everything is plain grey, good thing there is always something beautiful to look at on line. I don't have as much time for discovering new things anymore and I feel like i need something fresh. Luckily i have all of your blogs and all of your links, so i just need time. Here is what i put in the juice: three apples, ginger, six carrots and two big beetroots! Happy sunday!

▶ Marybell Katastrophy: ja, hvis ikke det var Elinor på billederne var det FOR sødt.
Danica, Alice, Leen, Alice, Marie, Linn, Maria, Luna, Jokemijn, Mieke Willems, Lykke, Maria in the clouds, Stefanie, that kate, : Elinor and the mushroom says thanks!
Mutti: hi hi, jeg kan godt lide at tænke på, hvor meget du grinte af de billeder
Søhesten: Ja, den er så blød, at jeg ville ønske jeg kunne tage en lur på den! og jo, det er helt rigtigt: Lea og jeg er så meget naboer man kan blive. Hun bor til venstre og jeg til højre :)
▶ Flo's Diner: Jeg kan godt lide at sødhed giver god nattesøvn!
Katrine: Svampen er en taburet! meget genialt!
Celine: Ha ha ha -that is sooo great! i love when you laugh in weird places -like reading a funny book on the bus and laughing out loud!
▶ Lisen: Ha ha, how clever would it be with a baby cushion where you could stick babies like you would needles in a pin cushion??
Ellen: åhh, tak skal du have for din søde kommentar!
Petr: February is right around the corner and Anne-Clair Petit makes many many great things for little girls! i love her dachshund as well! (wish i was going to berlin too....)
Lina: Yes, and to think we almost bought something totally boring like clothes she doesn't really need and then luckily we saw the giant mushroom and fell in love!
▶ Ai: ha ha, i might start a production of grown-up sized baby clothes! it could be a whole new market!
Ella: I know, vi gik lidt for langt.. tænker at billederne fra kirkegården kan suge op noget af the cuteness!
Saga: I didn't want to say, but the mushroom does cast a spell on you so you can't stop looking, or maybe its elinor..
▶ Roxanne og Ditte, Emma: Lets write Anne-Clair Petit and ask her to make a g i a n t version for grown-ups!
Jana: you are so right!
milk tooth's rain: How exiting! good luck!
K: Its a girl we found out, and she is called BiBi


a mushroom to sleep on

We bought this giant Anne-Clair Petit mushroom with a gift-certificate Elinor got -Isn't it delicious? She seems to like it too.

Every, every, everybody: SO SO AMAZING TO HEAR FROM AAAALLLLLLLL OF YOU! you really are the best readers in the world! Jeg er især overrasket over at høre fra så mange danske læsere! sejt!



Y E S! today on the most common of January days my sweet blog turns 2 years old!


In just the past year 32.187 people from 119 countries has visited this blog 125.409 times! How cool is that?? I find those numbers very mind blowing and feel so happy, blessed, inspired and lucky lucky lucky to have this space on the world wide web!

T H A N K Y O U! -for being such a big part of it!

To celebrate lets do a give away! Enter the give away by leaving a comment on this post before Tuesday the 19th at 12 noon CET! Tuesday i will announce the winner AND the prize!