Elinor got so much great stuff for christmas and her baptism. One of my very very favourites was the collage done by one of my friends Merete Slyngborg (in the bottom right corner). She is a serious artist and mostly does crazy, conceptual stuff that is hard to hang on the wall so i feel extra lucky that she did this fantastic collage for little E.

Helmer: Funny you should ask just now. maybe i should do a little "art" tour of the apartment! Our walls are almost full now! in this picture you also find a Marilyn Monroe painting by my dad and a drawing by Kieth Shore -both were birthday gifts for D.
▶ Deleilan: oh, i wish i could send you all a present!
Mani: He really is -well sort of. He had a hard time sitting still with a treat dangling over his head
Louise: Jeg elsker når musikere er generte
▶ Ida Nilsen: Sløjfer er perfekte til garnrester -eller lav en kæde hvor hvert led er forskellige farver
Veja Cecilia: You cannot do anything to love something as delicious
Mieke Willems: the package is (almost) on its way!
▶ Lina: yes -bows are quite easy and quick to do!
Lisen&Stina: there was way to little space when i took those photos of rufus so he almost jumped on top of me!
Luna: I hope they don't take it the wrong way! i lurk many places online!
▶ Melly: I will give him one for you!


Hanna Åberg said...

I hope elinor will like the dogs when she gets older :D

that merilyn portrait is fantastic.

nath said...

oh, it's marvellous! really beautiful. i really like it paired with the other arts as well.

valentina said...

your blog is amazing!and so is baby elinor, she has the most beautiful red hair

mille said...

ej hvor er det fint, de er alle fine!
tænkte du måske kunne tjekke min tumblr og se hvor inspireret jeg er af nogle af dine ting - er som skrevet tidligere en meget stor fan af de ting du viser og laver.

mvh mille

Emma said...

Superfint collage! Lucky E!!

Lisen said...

Love it!!

jana said...

I like this collage tooo, But I think this all geometrical shapes have a huge concept behind, all this colours - and nice frame you put it in. The concept is to makeit to a special present for lil E. isn't it?
And your lttle poem about the rabbit with only one arm...It makes me smile while reading it, like children poems written by ann rand...Do you know her? Whe E became a little bit older you have to show her books made by paul and ann rand, the are so sweet.

Helmer said...

Oh for god sake, please do! Haha
I love it! Usually I don't like Marilyn Monroe pictures/paintings, but this one is just fantastic.
I love the idea "art tour" in your apartment, just go ahead now!
// Helmer

Megan said...

you guys have the most beautiful artwork! and Elinor is one lucky lady : )