i tried making home made chips from beet roots, parsnip and potatoes. Conclusion? a bit too much work for too few chips -but it looked pretty! Elinor got this swing for christmas from my parents. The cool thing is, that she can use it all ready! I made a new cover for it though, it was originally a bit too red for our living room


Flo's Diner said...

Mmm, chips! Der er en nemmere m├ąde, bare se her:

Lisen said...

The swing, what a thing! wow!!

spin said...

oh! beet-chips, so nice ;)
it's worth the work, right?
n i c e blog by the way, byeee.

melissa chan said...

oh how lovely the colour of the beet root! and ah, elinor has grown quite a bit.


e said...

i want one too! looks fun and relaxing!