doggy christmas

in case you were wondering, Rufus had a pretty good Christmas too. I think he prefers his everyday life, but he did get to play a lot in the snow and meet this cute little golden retriever named Tilde. Our joined Christmas posed a problem, since my poor little mother is allergic to poor little Rufus, but my mother took some extra medicine so Rufus got to join in and walked around the tree with us!

▶ Jana: YES! lots of smiles! i hope she keeps up her habit of always smiling when she sees her mother :)
Louise: Tuind tak for din søde kommentar! Det er nemt at blogge, når man har så søde læsere
Margot: Yep!
Louise Therese: åhhhrrr..... okay! hvis du skaffer mig en uldheldragt i den rette størrelse!
▶ Helena: She looks almost entirely like her father!! if i had not given birth to her i would be in doubt..
Megan: I know! i love her in tights!
a.: She sure is! 61,5 cm and 5,3 kg!
▶ Cindy: So good to hear from you! Godt nytår! Google "pouch sling" på youtube! Bogen er ikke kommet.....
Maria: She has the sweetest little mouth when she "speaks" -she is discovering that she can control her lips and its so cute!
Lisen: Elinor has the best full bodysuit that makes her look like a little polar bear! i will show you one day
Gracia: Im gonna start looking for the stylish full bodysuit in wool
▶ Anette: :) tak!


Suki said...

I found your blog minute ago and I love it right away! This is so cooooooool! And Elinor is so cute!

helena said...

hehe.. well the hair is obvious but i wasn´t sure about the rest. when i was little i really looked like a copy of my mum, but the older i got the more i started to look like my father. quite exciting that facial metamorphosis, isn´t it? so don´t worry, maybe in a few years things will change completely! :)

great picture of rufus in the end btw. i love the sharpness of his eye!

Anonymous said...

Rufus looks so noble and beautiful in the last photo!

Lisen said...

Oh, crazy fun with snow and a dog friend!

my dad is also allergic to dogs...and horses. always had a special wardrobe with stable-clothes and when Stina comes visit he also takes medicine. Thank GOD for medicine. The ironic thing is that dogs always LOVES my dad and wanna play and hang around HIM(?!)

Would love to see that bodysuit! Can you match her with one in your size? :)

Peter Kjärsgård said...

Cool blogg!

johannas fotoblogg said...

cool. like it!