joint christmas

This christmas was quite a piece of math with one grandchild, two aunts and four grandparents. So to make it all add up we had a joint christmas all together: D's parents and sister joined us at my parents house. And of course Santa Claus stopped by! This year it was postman-santa! quite fitting with the red, danish postal-uniform! The only ones missing christmas eve was my sister and her family who went to norway. This is the first christmas we have spend apart. things are changing.

Maja B: åhhrr... matchende striktrøjer er ret fantastisk!
Nath: Yes i loved how it was like stars underneath the trees
Flora: yes, you do have to use every minute right! today i have put up three pictures and three storageboxes on the walls! yes!
Rynke: I know, her hair still blows my mind too! happy 2010 to you too!


Katrine Ny said...

Ih, en julepostmand, hvor fint! :)

Lisen said...

haha, love the idea with different santas!! quite easier to belive in :)

lovley cups you got there, the ones with pattern inside. And Elinor has grown so much! cutie pie!

sofie said...

E looks beautiful : )
happy 2010!

Maria said...

yes, it looks like a nice evening you had! the postman santa looks great:D
hihi, hej elinor!

emma said...

what a santa, love the uniform he's got there. not so scary as the usual santa... not at all actually. looks like a cosy xmas eve.

a. said...

what a very sweet joint christmas!