One of the absolute best gifts i got this christmas was a tiny, little, white porcelain mouse from my friend Jette. I just think its a brilliant idea! now its looking for the right spot to hang out in our apartment -being so small and so easily lost, its not easy! but it seems to have made friends with the porcelain skull i gave D for christmas.

Suki: Thank you! so glad you found me :) your little girl has the coolest name!
▶ Helena: Yeah, i hear that babies often look like their fathers in the beginning, so he won't be in doubt.. and then the mother becomes clearer and clearer
Maikki: I know, he can look so much more noble than he really is :)
▶ Lisen: My mom loves dogs and they love her too, but she is so allergic that even medicine is not always enough. She would like a standard poodle one day, since they are supposed to be more allergy friendly and she grew up next door to a giant one named Bamse :) Actually my parents have owned two boxers before she became allergic! it was before i was born, but i do remember visiting one of them who moved in next door to my grandparents. It could "sing" a childrens song -"se den lille kattekilling" :)


emma said...

tiny! cute! great present, nice detail!
...we got real mice though. and not this cute. or wait.. they ARE almost this cute, but they eat our food. Ok... wait, thay ATE* it. (....*oh yes, I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry)

lina said...

it's so tiny! i like it. i'm very fond of little things.

Hubbub said...

cute mouse! I was wondering if you could tell me what is the camera or cameras you use? I'm thinking about buying one so I'm having a look...thanks have a nice sunday

lisen said...

hahaha, could it SING????!!! Oh my!

(sweet mouse!!)