quaint living

Even though im actually quite sick of winter, snow and freezing cold i keep eating up Alice's amazing winter photography! She captures light and details perfectly and you just want to live in her pictures! -and when it gets too cold outside, i go inside and laugh at her cats :)

▶ Nath: Im really happy with the combination of the three as well -so different yet they really compliments each other!
Hanna: I love Marilyn's sadness in the painting! -and E and i were laughing at your dogs this morning!
Valentina: Thank you so much! I hope E gets to keep her red hair for a long time!
▶ Mille: Tak! De cupcakes på din tumblr er fantastiske!
Emma: Its a good thing E will be living with us for a long time so we get to keep the collage :)
Jana: Yes, i think those shapes are perfect for a little girl! she will love it! i did not know paul and ann rand, but from what google shows me, it looks great!
▶ Lisen: :)
Helmer: I will do it! i just need a bit more light so i can take some good pictures of the art! the days are so dark! i will tell my father that you like his marilyn!
Megan: And we are lucky to know little E


ADRI said...

I really love Alice's blog *-*

Her pics are really wonderful, she's an amazing photographer.

I want to be like her lol

Brit said...

I didn't know her blog... But I love her pictures!! Those boats are cool, do people live in them?

Christine said...

Superfede billeder!

alice said...

Oh my goodness, that is so nice of you to say so!!! It makes me feel quite teary :') I needed to be cheered up today. Thank you!

Luna : said...

ive had this crazy dream for so long with my best friend; we want to open a school on a canal boat but only teach useful things, basically we want to create a floating version of hogwarts hehe and teach bottany, art, cooking, music etc etc none of that useless stuff like maths and engligh!!

lina said...

woa! are those boat houses? very cool.
& i love the cat photo! haha. i'm going to check out alice's blog now : )

Kiwitz said...

wow beautiful!

do you know were she took those pics?

have a lovely weekend :)

jokemijn said...

i love the colourful boats, especially the purple one. They look beautiful on a white background.

Maria said...

love them..the first picture reminds me of a dutch 1600th century painting we just had at the museum I'm working at:)
the cats are too cute!!
happy weekend mette:)

em said...

beautiful. the animals. wow

Veja cecilia said...


Alice said...

the second last picture makes me think of "en Julsaga" :)
and the last one is hilarious ! :D

isabelle said...

your cats are so funny !!

Essi said...

As pretty as it gets. Juicy pink shades!

sweet fine day/Jenna said...

wow,these snow pictures are amazing! and the