its a cold winter in denmark so far with lots of snow around christmas. Im building up to my christmas recap with these snow pictures from my parents place. Today it snowed a little again and the lakes in copenhagen are frozen. I only saw it when i passed by them in a bus on my way to Ikea. What a way to spend a sunday.. but its part of my new years resolution: getting things done! Which means going to Ikea on a sunday instead of postponing it for ever..

▶ Stefanie: she is doing so great! growing every minute!
e., the cat whisperer, melly, veja cecilia, glademade, mieke willems, lisen, louise, Hayley, : im glad you all support my crazy matchingplan! who couldn't when we look so cute!
Niller: du er udenfor, Niller -resten af verden synes min plan om mor/datter-match er fantastisk!
▶ Emma: ha ha -i love it when she sticks like glue to me!
Marie, Roberta Jane: Stripes are the B E S T ! !
Katrine Ny: du har masser at glæde dig til! Og jeg lover at blogge om årets julemand snarest!
▶ Anne Kristine: Selvfølgelig: D's fantastiske elefanthue er fra Acne, men den er et par år gammel -måske den kan findes på trendsales.. Og mit stof køber jeg for det meste i stof2000 eller i genbrug. Hvis man leder efter godt mønstret stof så kan man finde rigtig meget fint hos Malika og Rose.


nath said...

lovely. the top one looks like a starry sky.

Flora said...

Yep, I thought it was stars too at the beginning! I have also decided to get things done this year. I guess you can't just leave things like that with a new little person to take care of! Every second is precious. Have already put my studio into order and it feels good. Have a lovely week :)

Bonjour Juliette said...

Oooh what a beautiful snow! I'm watching up with your blog, and since it's the first time i'm commeting: Congratulations for your marvelous little E, and may 2010 be fabulous, as well as 2011, 2012, and so on and so on...* And merci beaucoup for your fabulous blog that i've been following anonymously for a while* Thank you! Juliette