im listening to the xx and have been for the last six months. D and i went to their concert here in copenhagen and it was the longest we've been away from E, who was brilliantly looked after by my two good friends. Im actually really not a concert person and many times i would enjoy putting the record on at home just as much, but there have been a few good ones that i keep remembering -like when we saw this band in Berlin or a concert with this guy two years ago and xx will be one to remember as well.

▶ Brit: yes i think so!
Alice: :) you are so very welcome and im am so happy to cheer you up! good timing!
▶ Kiwitz: No i don't know exactly but somewhere in england!
Adri: I would like to have her camera for eyes!
▶ Luna: I have been dreaming of a houseboat as well, but then i realised i don't know anything about boat-upkeep!
Lina: I think so -and yes! the cats are so funny i laugh every time i see them!
▶ Jokemjin: I think the whole setting with the boats and the trees and the snow is so beautiful its surreal!
Maria: Oh how cool, i would love to see the painting, do you know who it is by?
▶ Lisen: Jeg bliver også glad hver gang jeg ser din poster :)
Wera: So good to hear from you! thank you for the sweet comment!
▶ Kelly: oh thank you so much! and yes, Bang bang is and amazing label! there is too much good kids cloths out there! i really try to restrain myself!
Sopchan: No the mobile was a gift from some good friends. its by a danish company, but i really really can't recall the name right now..


máni said...

hei, that picture looks great with the purple light coming out of the guy. :)

i really love concerts and i go to concerts a lot. it's very easy here in berlin because there is a good one almost every day. and i especially enjoy the small ones with not so many people in the audience and not so well-known artists. it's always nice to discover something new. :)

i enjoy reading your blog! greetings! mani.

marybell katastrophy said...

I remember that concert with this band in Berlin, and I got a chill when I heard the song again, I think it´s been two years since I heard it! So much happened since then...

Sasha K. said...

My brother just got me into The xx. So good! I'd love to see them live.

melly said...

I love The XX too! My fave's Basic Space. Anyway they are coming to play in Singapore next month and I'm definitely going :]

Indie Mom and the Reluctant Banker said...

I'm quite liking the xx too, although I have to admit I sort of dismissed them at first.
As for the memorable concerts, I saw Interpol when they played here in Copenhagen and that would probably be one of the all time best concerts I've gone to. They're amzing live.

Kim said...

The xx ... so intimate. I love them.

Trula said...

I am jealous - I would have loved to go see them, but they didn't make it to Barcelona this time. Well, thank God I like putting on a record at home as much as you do - if the wine is good, there might even be some living room dancing ... and the babies sleep peacefully next door ;)

hannna said...

The baby here likes to, or at least does fall asleep to the XX. He is asleep by "VCR", in his sling obviously. A friend of mine is having a baby in your city in 5 weeks!