Finally! no more stalling! the winner and the prize for the ungt-blod-second-birthday-give-away! And the winner is.....

hmm... two winners in one ...good thing there are two prizes!! an ungt blod mini bunting + a knitted bow-tie necklace! here presented by Rufus:

I want to thank allllll of you -both the 116 people who commented and all the rest of you lurkers for making my blog such a thrill to write!

▶ Jana: When we were kids my sister had a one-armed rabbit, so i find bob quiet perfect. The rabbit only had one arm cus my mom ran out of yarn!
Louise: hvor er det sjovt, at i så os! synes i ikke også xx var ret søde?
▶ Tiger, Pop Life and Lina: He was a gift from my good friend when E was born!
Lisen: They are a nice couple!
▶ Adeline: I love their blanket too! so much good stuff!
Mieke Willems: im forcing her to love them :)
▶ Riotyarn: i know. its hard to get over
Suki: they are not hard at all -just cut alot of triangles! and yes! santa has excellent taste! here it was a good friend and my sister-in-law who were the sweet santas!
▶ Emily Salomon: Hvor hyggeligt at høre fra dig! Jeg elsker amager meget højt -og nogle gange kan man godt føle sig lidt som den eneste :)


Helmer said...

Hi! I was wondering if might could share the info of where you bought all these nice posters and paintings?
They are all very beautiful!

mieke willems said...

oooooooh! waaaaaawwwww!!!! that is so great! THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!! We'll send you an email NOW!! haha!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners! Those are very lovely prizes!

máni said...

yay! rufus is such a great model! :D

Ida Nielsen said...

Sikke nogle flotte gaver! Nu tror jeg vist lige at jeg skal igang med en stoerre sloejfe produktion, saa jeg kan faa brugt nogle af mine garnrester :-)

lina said...

what great prizes! you knitted the bow-tie? so creative! congrats to mieke & veronik!

LISEN & STINA said...

Woh! Congrats to mieke and veronik!!
And, sweet Rufus, how funny you are!

Luna : said...

i like the fact you refer to your unspoken readers as lurkers hehe!!

melly said...

I want to give Rufus a hug oh!!