yes, but no

i have finally gotten my computer back - but now my photoshop isn't working! arrggghhhh... i don't want to spend time on technicalities!

everyone: thanks for all your great comments for the last two posts! Horray for The XX and Hanna and her dogs! btw: Hanna sold the dog-print through her blog, but im not sure if there is any left!?


jana said...

wanna have them...for my fridge

a. said...

it's so cold

mieke willems said...

aaah thats frustrating!

but hey, we got your presents!! waw! they are really pretty! will make pics soon!! thanks a lot!!

e said...

know the feeling. hope it will be fixed as soon as P ! happy weekend!

LISEN & STINA said...

Oh Rufus!

Crappy computerproblems...hope you'll solve it (or that someone else will solve it for you).

Have a great weekend now!

(Kan man-boken! hihi!) :D

Sammy Rose said...


Good to have you back!
A computer without PS is no fun.
Isabelle bought the socks for Frank in Stockholm. I will ask her where.

I bet Copenhagen is just as snowy today as Skåne is.
Have a nice day.