and another bear

actually there are two new bears in our house! the mailbox bear and this light blue koala bear! and yes, i know a koala is not technically a bear, but to me they will always be the most bear-y of bears! (German Luna magazine made this sweet post about me :) )

▶ Sopchan: i made a pretty big margin so it would stick better, so it wasn't that huge
E: how about this bear?
Hanna: Its so cold these days and i switch between loving being inside and cursing the snow! its probably even colder in sweden!
Lina: I am really surprised to hear from so many new people!
Celine: It was pretty hard to figure out what you could turn a long slot like that into! but im really happy with the result!
▶ Cindy: Ja! loppen! mount eerie! no kids! juhuu!


e said...

HAHA! Love it!

Golubka said...

The third picture is so good. Love the bear :)

bawkbawk said...

thats 'blinky bill'!

Maria said...

haha I love it too;) koalas are the cutest..especially when they are so sleepy all the time!

Lisen said...

Haha, so funny!

Mama bear, papa bear and little Goldielocks - Elinor!

Anna Emilia said...

What a lovely street with a peeking views.

Everything warms me up here on such a cold day. Beautiful place this is with colors and forms and faces.

Have a warmer weekend!

Anonymous said...

Its Blinky Bill!