black bean brownies

I made these black bean brownies the other day. What a hit! its them behind the sandwich. I love brownies because they are really just inflated pieces of chocolate and i love to think about all the protein i get from eating these ;)

▶ Stine Marie: Me too, but it did make it difficult to shoot the food in the right colours!
Mandy: Thank you so much. I love it when people that reads this blog really gets the pictures and the feelings behind them :)
▶ Jokemijn: I love eating with my eyes! its very important i think!
Lisen: I know. the rest of my life i will be blaming all food for not being this!
▶ Nan O Mea: hvor sjovt! vidste ikke de havde den uddannelse i århus. det lyder fedt!
Danica: i can still taste it!
▶ Louise: I know, they have such a great home!
Maria: oh close your eyes so you won't miss it too much!
▶ Miam attaque: Thanks for the comment -i will have a look
Megan: I really hope it will be as awesome as i imagine!
▶ Annette: I know... i sometimes miss it too -except when i open the new one! sooo much better!
Brit: wow good coffee?? where do you go to school??


STEFANIE said...

yummy, they look delicious! And I love the picture of Rufus!

Linda Love said...

mmmmhmm, brownies. i love it when there are some parts on the inside where there is some still almost liquid chocolate

Golubka said...

Must be really tasty. Thank you for the recipe, I'm going to try them.

jana said...

haha, rufus is a jocky dog!

lina said...

woa! black bean brownies?? that sounds so interesting. thanks for the recipe. i just may try them!

sandra said...

oh rufus. i'm in love with you.

e said...

näringsrikt och gott = the best! :D och så blir man lite lycklig också. och GUD VAD SUGEN MAN BLIR!!

Tara said...

i adore you blog !!! I think your baby is so cute . Congratulations for the beautiful family !!! And keep doing this excellent job with the world !!! You are an admirable person .

ps. I am from Brazil

Kempt said...

I'm so glad you liked the brownie recipe! They're surprisingly amazing - I love that you can get your protein via brownie. That is my kind of life. ;-)

Brit said...

Black been brownies... interesting! At first you would think it's a strange combination... But it seems like it goes! I'll have to try them out! I go the the KULeuven, it's in a town nearby Brussels... The international student group there has a quarters with good coffee!

mieke willems said...

ooh i could use a brownie now! it looks so good!
an wow, your school, so shiny!! pity the coffee isnt...