A couple of weeks ago i was tagged by Indie mom (and the reluctant banker) to show my fridge and tell the story behind something on the fridge. Well as luck (?) would have it, fridge-things are happening here! You have seen my old fridge in pictures before. It was small, old and only had a tiny frost-box -not a freezer! When became pregnant I realised that this was no longer just annoying -it would become crazy stupid not to have a proper fridge and a freezer when you have a kid! Well, i didn't manage to find the right fridge during my pregnancy and finally D lost patience with my fridge-project, went online and found us the almost new and super cheap Samsung fridge! digital display and three-drawer freezer and all! So we said goodbye to the fridge of our youth and hello to our very grown-up fridge! and then i remembered the tag and thought: what do you do when you get a new fridge? it seems wrong to just move all of the old stuff over to the new one. its difficult to make it look homey. It needs time to accumulate memories. I have all ready shown you the first decoration of the new fridge. But what should we put on the front?? suggestions please! -oh! and feel free to pick up the tag!

E: i knew you would
▶ Golubka: D's mom took the picture!
Bawkbawk: Oh you are right! how cool! i didn't know about Blinky-Bill
▶ Maria: That is why D is wearing the mask -always slow and sleepy!
Lisen: Aw little goldielocks!
▶ Anna Emilia: im trying to but it keeps snowing!!
Gamze: Im sorry i hurt your feelings -i like to keep the tone light here on the blog and there needs to be room for a little teasing. I have been looking through all the new blogs these comments made me aware of and enjoying it so much + i love to look through my stats and think about all the people from all over the world who stops by here -commenting or not.
▶ Melly: i just looked at some "old" pictures of her and can see how much her face has changed all ready. crazy!


Celine said...

omg!!! we just got a new fridge too! Also a samsung! We were also very happy with the price!!!! We have a two drawer freezer (bottom freezer too! I love it!), but three drawers must be more awesome! More compartmentalized!

I never knew, I would fall so in love with appliances. haha! It's so silly!

ol. said...

congrats for your grown-up fridge!

Marie said...

I understand ! We don't have freezer... or washmachine ! But no children too ! (It's too *** without washmachine !) Have a nice weekend !

samyk said...

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e said...

apick the best of the best, from the old one, -so you can feel safe and "home" with this new one. congratulations by the way, to this new member! :D (we don't use our fridge, 'cause it's still so damn cold outside - our old pantry is our substitute these winter days...old school way..

lisen said...

:) the middle photo!

this saturday we had a party, then we had our fridge outside the window - beer and wine right outside in the snow, perfect.

a mirror-fridge would be a cool thing..

Annette said...

i STILL love your little short fridge. Even though you got a new one!