This is my friend Louise. She has the coolest coffee grinder in the world. I am very jealous!

Megan: i guess we can just as well get used to hysteric-teenager-sound now...
▶ La sale bete: i wish i could use it, but im not sure it will hold..
Maikki: what a compliment. you are so sweet.
▶ Mieke willems: i know -its one of my all time favourites too!
Sopchan: Oh i hope she looks a little like me, but all i see is D
▶ Lisen: Præcis! man får lov til så mange sjove ting når man har et lille barn!
Maria: I hope it is fun, cos i place her on it many times a day :)
▶ Crystal: yes its crazy how quickly they grow! and how much bigger i know she is gonna get in just one year!
Siri: thank you so much
▶ Lina: Time flies when you are having fun
Golubka: yeah i know! i love that you can swing lying down!
▶ §§§: Jeg har lige spist resten af din kage! mmmm... må have opskriften!
Emma: yes, it is not acceptable when mom wants to act like the baby -totally unfair!
▶ Kit: :)
Annika: i sometimes read my own blog to remind my self how good life can look -sometimes in real life all the snow and dirt takes over :)
▶ Mutti: nu er der ikke længe til!
Sara S: Thank you for the sweet comment! the scull cave is by Our Childrens Gorilla -the make very cool things!
▶ Jana: her smile is what i live for :)


Louise Therese said...

Den er så flot og så er den også rigtig god, det er jo ikke altid tilfældet...

Fenke said...

we have the same grinder :-) and our friend found the exact same on ebay a couple of weeks ago.. maybe you should give it a try? on german ebay you'll find this:

they are also nice in green.

schorlemädchen said...

Oh my grandmother used to have the exact same one..I haven't seen it in ages...what a colour..just great...

Søhesten said...

Tilgengæld har du the coolest baby!!!

emma said...

haha, so cool, that machine!
think we almost got the same hair-cut, me and yer friend over there.
but mine is more... fluffy, ...have been swimming tonite... :)

martina said...

Hi! First, sorry for my bad english but I don't practise it from University. (A poor excuse, i know )
I follow "ungtblod" for one year because I love your (not expensive) creative and artistic ideas for home decoration, your photos and the positive commentaries you write about them.
I think you're a lucky person for having a baby as precious as yours. She has a charming smile and a nice smiling eyes.
I would like to have a baby this year because i'm already 35 years old, but i'm worried and scared cause I don't know if I'm really prepared to take care of a child. It's so much responsibility!!
However, when I see your photos with Ellinor, my eyes fill with tears seeing how happy you are since she is in your lives. And this gives me spirit to face my fears.

Greetings and kisses for all. Ah! And a meow of my two kitties for Rufus.

mAry said...