i won a give away last week! I can't believe i actually won since im never lucky like that. So the other day this great potholder arrived in the mail from Hannna in Finland! Y A Y! Check out the cute paper she made with her daughter!

▶ Maria: It is so sweet cos she will be really quiet when i do it, and then when i put her down she giggles!
Sandra: uhhh thats a challenge! i will ask D if he is up for it!
▶ Famapa: I used to put her upside down in another way which she did not like at all, but this way is fun!
Linn: :)
▶ Lina: Really big -and heavy! she is a... well pretty mellow baby -the trick is that you only have time to get out the camera when she is mellow :) but she does have some temper in that red hair i can tell you
Schorlem├Ądchen: She is! and her hand always always goes to her mouth when i turn her upside down!
▶ Clair: children arn't as fragile as the look! though E just had a big ol' spit-up on me after some rumbling and tumbling!
Jokemijn: She does! and her head looks giant :)
Kiwitz, Linn, Lisen, chapter 9, Elianna: ;)
▶ Marie: uhh i will try that later!


Lisen said...

congratulations! thats a sweet thing to win!

nice haircut..!

mieke willems said...

we also won one! again! it's really a great feeling and potholders are great things!

Hello Sandwich said...

eeeep lucky you!!!!!